Brand new Barefoot Doctor book out now

Based on the wonderful success of AMPED, volume 1 – affirmation manifesting procedure (electronically delivered)

whereby it does all the work and you just sit back and let your life rearrange itself to your liking – automatic wu wei in multimedia format


We’ve taken the accompanying e-book and had me, Barefoot Doctor, rewrite reformat, repoint, and carefully rearrange the material into a straight-ahead e-book for anyone who hasn’t been able or inclined to invest in A M P E D and who doesn’t actually mind putting in the time, attention and lip-and-finger-work into actively writing and reciting the entire life-changing affirmation sequence for themselves.

NB Brief update on Barefoot Doctor events

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the event on 5 October in London 'Activate Your Subconscious Powers' has had to be cancelled

The Pope's Head Gardener

What Transpires

Imagine if someone waved a magic wand and for, let's say, two whole weeks, there was absolutely nothing needed doing - as if an army of invisible helpers was present to even put your shoes on for you, even lift you out of the bed, or chair, even operate your jaws when you ate - so all to-do list activity ceased completely - and all you had to do was be. And that one or two of the helpers were even operating your brain and thought processes...

The nub, the subtext I'm spotting bubbling at present is this issue of taking responsibility for your life-story and its progression through linear time, specifically in respect of your activities with other people and how they treat and reward you or otherwise for your input. This as opposed to unwittingly assuming or continuing to unwittingly assume the so-called victim stance in respect of the world about you and all who sail in her...


Instantaneous healing of mind, body, spirit and life


Nature heals – not just the body – the mind also. And all you have to do to activate its healing power is step out of the way. Sleep is healing because you’ve stepped out of the way by falling temporarily unconscious and aren’t using up all your energy having conversations with yourself in the front of your head like you do when awake. Similarly, by stilling your mind when awake, you are making your energy available for nature to heal you with.

Danny Greene interviews Barefoot Doctor

The Healing Crisis

The healing process, as opposed to the fixing process that's the focus of allopathic medicine, is nothing less than the Tao (for want of a better word), the power fuelling the cosmos, in action inside your body. The Tao is, needless to say, a considerable force – it would have to be to keep this entire universe in motion – and is no less considerable when doing its work inside you.


it all works out

Affirmation means saying yes to whatever you're thinking about. Yes as in, can I do this? Yes I can do this. Can I do it well? Yes, I can do it well...

The Power of Tao webinar replay


How to make this easier for yourself, this ride on the planet round the sun, and the sun round the galaxy, how to optimize your enjoyment and along with that, effectiveness and productivity in any given moment, how to make the best life-changing decisions...



Barefoot Doctor


Manifesting change in your life is initiated by manifesting a change of consciousness, a change in the thought patterns dominating your internal narrative.Listen to a sample below

A magnificent musical soundtrack, underpinned by uplifting subliminal script, with a deeply relaxing, healing sound bath washing over you and meticulously crafted affirmations sinking deep into your psyche

The AMPED experience combines soothing, healing frequencies, with positive, efficacious, life-enhancing affirmations and succinct subliminals for serious subconscious shift.Listen to a sample below


I deploy a fairly well developed frequency design in all my music - with special emphasis on 310 hertz, panned sharp left and right to create a binaural beat in the midbrain region in the 10 hertz range...


The key to manifesting anything is being of clear intention about manifesting whatever it is - whether it's simply a pleasant afternoon or fulfillment of your life-mission...

Quantum physics states a wave is only active as a wave when being observed. They're also working on proving waves remain inactive when not being observed because obviously if they're not being observed how could anyone know they were remaining inactive.

I laud those courageous souls willing to apply their limitless intelligence to such conundrums.

Whether through intellectual laziness or the ability to cut to the nub of every issue, I've always tended to eschew the intellectual route to understanding the human condition and the arena in which it plays out: the world, in favor of a pragmatic form of experimentalism known as Taoism.

Flying Qigong

11 thoughts on “Home

  • 26/07/2018 at 21:14

    I would appreciate the opportunity to read the WISDOM you have to share on the “Main Method” article on the home page.
    The “read full article” link is not on for the Main Method. I have read and continually practicing many of the articles you share with amazing results – true believer in what you offer.

    • 26/07/2018 at 21:21

      I am laughing at my previous comment, as i just found the “Main Method” on your site. The TAO and your part in all of this was just acknowledged by leading me to the article. The Master (Barefoot Doctor) is here as well as there!
      Carpe Diem

      • 30/07/2018 at 14:28

        hey John I’m delighted it’s found resonance with you as it’s such a profoundly helpful technique, the advantages of practicing which proliferate exponentially – good on you sir

  • 27/07/2018 at 02:59

    Good infоrmation. Ꮮucky me I found your websitе by accident (stumbleupon).

    I’ve saved it for later!

  • 30/07/2018 at 14:29

    Hi Permeates – happy to think the good energy permeates in both directions – thank you for yours – let me know how it works in vice versa mode

  • 12/08/2018 at 06:52

    Had you’re book instant enlightenment since 2004 time to return thank you.

  • 24/08/2018 at 13:16

    I always discover what I need at just the right time. So many times during the journey from England to Germany and now here in Spain. Wow. Sign posts along the way. Heart felt thanks. x

    • 03/09/2018 at 18:09

      Agreed Julia, Sometimes what seems awful can turn into amazing surprises, I guess its knowing how to run with the wobbles along the way. I can cope with that via barefoots words…

  • 09/09/2018 at 05:04

    ‘I now manifest the perfect working project for myself, which enables me to use all my talents and skills, including ones I didn’t even know I had, easily, effortlessly, enjoyably, swiftly and miraculously in one huge quantum jump.’

    OOH a long one today

    Affirmations are proving to be so key is almost like when activated they generate a force/energy from within that emanates out from the centre to adjust,clear attract and project ones intention.
    Also for me it can also be a welcome break from some of the rubbish mr mind chatters to its self lol .

    I would like to say how much i am enjoying the new web site too ! so much info here already and i can only imagine it will grow knowing Barefoot’s work rate.

    Even though i do have all the audio pills i do still have a look at “whirly’s” choice at least once a week its just a nice little ritual checking the choice as is the affirmation of the day i almost always catch the new ones and say at least 6 times 🙂

    Wish list …. Be so tops if Doc could add audio versions of “affirmation of the day ” or even once a week or month – but i imagine the technical side is not as straight forward plus i also imagine Doc does need to sleep every once in a while.

    Everyone is excited about Amped and ,frankly, rightly so Volume one continues to be powerful medicine.
    the last few days i rediscovered “Dare” and the absolute classics “Anytime meditations”

    Dare really came at the right time for me and blimey ! Would be great to know a bit more of what inspired Dare what was happening with Doc whilst creating it and any storeys around “Dare”
    Does Dare work ? well i am here arnt i and quite transformed from when i first got it in so many ways.

    I am certainly highly appreciating Doc and his work and i have began to wonder the last few months what i would be doing if i had missed the doc and his teaching i gues the tao can be quite tenacious 🙂 x

    I rise up to all that is beautiful x

  • 13/09/2018 at 13:17

    ” what was withheld is now given” One of my favs. Set your intention and then let go. I repeat my list 6 times, walking, swimming, working out….


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