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Have you ever wondered why you might tend to default to worrying whenever contemplating any situation’s potential development? You might and probably do start any consideration in the positive mode, excited at new prospects but given its head, so to speak, your mind probably moves into worry-mode swiftly thereafter...

Barefoot Doctor - World Peace

Quantum physics states a wave is only active as a wave when being observed. They're also working on proving waves remain inactive when not being observed because obviously if they're not being observed how could anyone know they were remaining inactive. I laud those courageous souls willing to apply their limitless intelligence to such conundrums. Whether through intellectual laziness or the ability to cut to the nub of every issue, I've always tended to eschew the intellectual route to understanding the human condition and the arena in which it plays out: the world, in favor of a pragmatic form of experimentalism known as Taoism.

Manifesting change in your life is initiated by manifesting a change of consciousness, a change in the thought patterns dominating your internal narrative.Listen to a sample below

A magnificent musical soundtrack, underpinned by uplifting subliminal script, with a deeply relaxing, healing sound bath washing over you and meticulously crafted affirmations sinking deep into your psyche

The AMPED experience combines soothing, healing frequencies, with positive, efficacious, life-enhancing affirmations and succinct subliminals for serious subconscious shift.Listen to a sample below


I deploy a fairly well developed frequency design in all my music - with special emphasis on 310 hertz, panned sharp left and right to create a binaural beat in the midbrain region in the 10 hertz range...


The key to manifesting anything is being of clear intention about manifesting whatever it is - whether it's simply a pleasant afternoon or fulfillment of your life-mission...


Psycho-energetics is a fairly clever sounding phrase I coined, partly because I like to devise clever sounding phrases in my personal drive for succinctness and concision, but mostly to convey the essence of Taoist practice...


Affirmation means saying yes to whatever you're thinking about. Yes as in, can I do this? Yes I can do this. Can I do it well? Yes, I can do it well...


“Why the long face?” I ask my friends in the field. They don't answer, at least not in words, but we share heartfelt love as pure as the sky is blue.

Nonetheless I continue discussing the world with them and asking them how they felt things were going from an equine perspective

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It’s OK for me to be and feel magnificent in every way and live a magnificent life now’