Flying qigong

Quantum physics states a wave is only active as a wave when being observed. They’re also working on proving waves remain inactive when not being observed because obviously if they’re not being observed how could anyone know they were remaining inactive. I laud those courageous souls willing to apply their limitless intelligence to such conundrums.

Whether through intellectual laziness or the ability to cut to the nub of every issue, I’ve always tended to eschew the intellectual route to understanding the human condition and the arena in which it plays out: the world, in favor of a pragmatic form of experimental existentialism known as Taoism.

Taoism has as many facets as a phenomenon could have without keeling over from facet overload, and it is the intended purpose of this site to expose them all, or all of them relevant to contemporary people like you or I.


Lots more pages, including an in depth explanation of  how healing through music works; what electronic music comprises; frequencies as a healing tool – how they affect you, and what they do; the importance of rhythm in music; how affirmations work, both ones you can hear clearly above any music being played, and the subliminal ones you can’t quite hear; manifesting – how it works; the use of repetition in affirmations, and much more.

Plus all the existing trainings, for you to access if you have them already, or to buy.

Lots of new material will be available, including free advice on life and Taoist wisdom.

There will also be details of events and retreats that Barefoot Doctor may run.

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