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Barefoot Doctor was made aware of his calling to service from the tender age of 6 years old, having received a calling card from the Universe, in the form of a majestic ‘OMMM’ sound.



Stephen Russell (Barefoot Doctor) 13/09/54-24/01/20

Welcome to Barefoot Doctor World by Barefoot himself

Below are some clips from AMPED 1


AMPED 1 is the first of three most amazing AMPED albums Barefoot made for meditation

Here are some clips from it

AMPED 1 Episode 1 clip 1Barefoot Doctor
00:00 / 01:25
AMPED 1 Episode 3 clipBarefoot Doctor
00:00 / 01:42
AMPED 1 Episode 1clip 3Barefoot Doctor
00:00 / 01:04
AMPED 1 Episode 4 Love clipBarefoot Doctor
00:00 / 01:27
AMPED 1 Episode 5 clipBarefoot Doctor
00:00 / 01:45


by Barefoot Doctor

What a pleasant adventure this is

What an elegantly poised series of discrete moments

Ones that thrill you, ones that fill you

ones when it's still you looking out from your center

where the madness can't enter

while all around you the play revolves

as Shiva's endless dance evolves.


Sometimes the dance will have you squealing with fright

Other times it'll be with delight

You'll appear to go wrong, you'll appear to go right

but it's all just appearance, a trick of the light.


You're probably wondering how does this help me?

And I say you don't need help, you may think you do,

but as soon as you remember you're fine as you are,

the help you need will come to you.

Now if you find that confusing, or you think I'm in some way abusing your mind

I'll just keep it simple and say that you'll find from this very day

nothing will ever be the same again.

But that doesn't matter because it never was the same before

There are no ends, no starts, just continuum

Sure there are doors, but it's theater, it's art,

and all you do is play your part

All you do is play your part.

ancient tao symbol.jpg

Coming soon

Barefoot Doctor's Book of Quotes

Wise words from Barefoot Doctor himself to help with any problem, feeling you may have.

A book to dip into whenever needed for unparalleled wisdom


More details shortly

Without realising it we travel to and fro through time, at the subconscious level at least, visiting our future and former selves to gain and give succour, to receive and give healing, (respectively). Read full article...

Time travel

00:00 / 05:28

A Barefoot Doctor poem to a Barefoot Doctor beat to help you enjoy the adventure more

A Barefoot affirmation

Say 6x with feeling & conviction

‘I now allow myself to live each and every moment at optimum levels from now on.’on.’

and carry on as you were


Barefoot's little mentioned, underrated book, Twisted Fables - have you ever heard of it? It's a fantastic little book comprising Barefoot Doctor unparalleled wisdom within Barefoot Doctor's own fables. Here is an excerpt...

twisted fables 2020.jpg

A Barefoot Doctor Meditation Audio Pill

Soul Splendor

Soul Splendour
00:00 / 22:00

Mental Health

The healing process, as opposed to the fixing process that's the focus of allopathic medicine, is nothing less than the Tao (for want of a better word), the power fuelling the cosmos, in action inside your body. The Tao is, needless to say, a considerable force – it would have to be to keep this entire universe in motion – and is no less considerable when doing its work inside you.

Read full article

The Healing Process

Buddhist Lotus Flower.jpg

Material on this site is updated continuously with wise words, videos and so on from Barefoot, so keep checking back for new information, new tabs in the menu bar etc.


One new page is three videos on the Fear of Death made by Barefoot himself a little while ago. You may find them comforting to watch, especially with Barefoot having passed on relatively recently, or you may not, for the same reason. It's your choice, but they're now here if you want to watch them.

© Stephen Russell 2021

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