Identity is an illusion

The Quest for Continuity

The words must have called me from the doorway they were leaning up against, to come down from my rooftop where I’d been perched for an hour like an eagle over the city, recovering from the day, and walk down the 2nd Avenue side of Union Square in a longwinded meander, rationalising it with a vague goal of exploring the music store round the corner on 14th Street to see if they had any new production gizmos I should know about, because I had no other practical reason to leave the house just then, and quite a few practical reasons not to.

But I didn’t get there. Instead I saw the words, as if being handed them by an old man with a long beard in the sky above and took the photo as part of what felt like an impromptu quasi-religious ritual known only to me, the old man in the sky and the words themselves, and walked home again.


From the time you’re old enough to think in words you’re already constructing a story about the overwhelming plenitude of incoming stimuli we call the world in order to bring order to apparent chaos, and make sense of where you are and what you’re doing and experiencing.

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The human condition is a transient one. This is a blessing if you’re not enjoying the experience at all and want out, and a curse if you’re enjoying it so much you can’t bear the thought of it ever coming to an end.

But come to an end it will. And no matter how deft we become at distracting ourselves from that fact, subconsciously at least we know – after all we’re not stupid even when we’re pretending we are.

Stupid, incidentally derives from stupor, meaning being in a trance to the extent you’re unaware of whats actually going on.

And because we know, it’s only natural we seek continuity as an antidote.

And because we’re programmed to experience reality as something going on out there, in the front of us (mostly because all the sense organs face forwards – if they faced backwards we’d experience reality going on behind us instead), we habitually seek continuity in external phenomena. Hence the lasting power of traditions no matter how seemingly irrelevant, the lasting power of the idea of marriage however impossible to manage in real time, the lasting power of religions however inept these might be at explaining cosmology and ontology, and so on.

But we will never find anything truly continuous in the external world, other than continuous change and transformation – because both at the surface and at the molecular level everything is in motion, even the most stationary rocks and mountains (these just have a relatively much slower motion than the human eye is capable of detecting).

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Karen Richardson interviews Barefoot Doctor

Quantum physics states a wave is only active as a wave when being observed. They’re also working on proving waves remain inactive when not being observed because obviously if they’re not being observed how could anyone know they were remaining inactive. I laud those courageous souls willing to apply their limitless intelligence to such conundrums.

Whether through intellectual laziness or the ability to cut to the nub of every issue, I’ve always tended to eschew the intellectual route to understanding the human condition and the arena in which it plays out: the world, in favor of a pragmatic form of experimental extistentialism known as Taoism.

Flying qigong


An in depth explanation of how healing through music works; frequencies as a healing tool – how they affect you, and what they do; the importance of rhythm in music; how affirmations work, both ones you can hear clearly above any music being played, and the subliminal ones you can’t quite hear; manifesting – how it works, and much more.

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Psycho-energetics is a fairly clever-sounding phrase I coined, partly because I like to devise clever-sounding phrases in my personal drive for succinctness and concision, but mostly to convey the essence of Taoist practice.

For whether it’s Tai Chi, Xing Yi, Pa Kua or Qigong you’re practicing, or meditation, or acupuncture, feng shui, or wu wei manifesting magic, or even Taoist cross-stitch and overlocking technique for health and self-defence (you never know these days), and whether you’re practicing it to improve your health, or to hone your business skills, or to be a star at public speaking, or to be a crack martial artist, or to overcome depression, anxiety, or whatever and attain to a state of perpetual delight, whatever it is you’re doing it for, and whatever the specific practice, all of it comes down to one essential factor. Read more…

Affirmation means saying yes to whatever you’re thinking about. Yes, as in can I do this? Yes, I can do this. Can I do it well? Yes I can do this well.

The subconscious sees no limit to what can be accomplished, regardless of which area of activity or endeavour. Unlike the conscious mind, which is programmed to operate in linear mode, so tends only to register incremental progress, the subconscious operates in the quantum field and so recognizes the quantum jumps possible through exponential development of whichever skill or attainment is in question.

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