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Barefoot Doctor was made aware of his calling to service from the tender age of 6 years old, having received a calling card from the Universe, in the form of a majestic ‘OMMM’ sound.



It's ok, it's ok, it's ok, because it is

Kindness derives from the same word as kin or kindred. It means knowing the other as kin or as a kindred spirit. It means stepping beyond prejudice or judgement of any sort, seeing beyond all preferences and divisions, beyond exterior guises and disguises, acts and pretensions to the shining spirit informing anyone and everyone you think about, communicate with, become aware of, or encounter and deal with directly in person. Read more...

A Barefoot Doctor mini Taoist doodah

to help quieten the mind


The key to manifesting anything is being of clear intention about manifesting whatever it is – whether it's simply a pleasant afternoon or fulfilment of your life-mission. Intention has to then be acknowledged and agreed to with the totality of self brought to bear. The agreement is then transmitted to the subconscious, which makes all the relevant moves on the psycho-energetic plane to trigger the desired outcome. This is done most easily and effectively by using either repetition of various affirmations or by repetitively using visualizations that conjure up the desired scenario, or even better both. Read more...

A Barefoot Doctor soundbath

It's alright

It's Alright
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Barefoot Doctor's Main Method

How to make this easier for yourself, this ride on the planet round the sun and the sun round the galaxy, how to optimize your enjoyment and along with that, effectiveness and productivity in any given moment, how to make the best life-changing decisions, how to remain free of self-created traps involving obligations to others, how to divest yourself of the worry over what others will think of you, how to feel true satisfaction in every moment despite how tricky any challenges to hand may be, how to arrive at the end of the ride knowing you received and gave the most possible value and so feeling replete rather than cheated, how to attain and maintain harmony in your relations with all others – these are the questions Taoism addresses and specifically your writer as one avid explorer of the Taoist ways – there are many angles and avenues of experimentation but perhaps one of the most crucial is developing the capacity to retract instead of react. Read more...

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