Barefoot Doctor was made aware of his calling to service from the tender age of 6 years old, having received a calling card from the Universe, in the form of a majestic ‘OMMM’ sound.



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Everything you do requires you first be clear about what kind of outcome you intend.

People come into your life to bring you a gift and vice versa. The depth of value you derive from their gift is in proportion to the depth you’re willing to receive them into your life on a soul level. And that’s down to how much you’re willing to receive yourself on a soul level. Read more

Valuing the gift of other pople

A Barefoot Doctor mini Taoist doodah

to help if you want to feel more relaxed


Barefoot's little mentioned, underrated book, Twisted Fables - have you ever heard of it? It's a fantastic little book comprising Barefoot Doctor unparalleled wisdom within Barefoot Doctor's own fables. Here is an excerpt...

A Barefoot Doctor soundbath

Stillness at the heart of the universe

01 StillnessAtTheHeartOfTheUniverse
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Barefoot Doctor's Main Method

How to make this easier for yourself, this ride on the planet round the sun and the sun round the galaxy, how to optimize your enjoyment and along with that, effectiveness and productivity in any given moment, how to make the best life-changing decisions, how to remain free of self-created traps involving obligations to others, how to divest yourself of the worry over what others will think of you, how to feel true satisfaction in every moment despite how tricky any challenges to hand may be, how to arrive at the end of the ride knowing you received and gave the most possible value and so feeling replete rather than cheated, how to attain and maintain harmony in your relations with all others – these are the questions Taoism addresses and specifically your writer as one avid explorer of the Taoist ways – there are many angles and avenues of experimentation but perhaps one of the most crucial is developing the capacity to retract instead of react. Read more...

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