Open your heart and allow your love to flow freely in unconditional form to every sentient being you encounter and to simultaneously allow the love of every sentient being to flow back to you

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Barefoot Doctor was made aware of his calling to service from the tender age of 6 years old, having received a calling card from the Universe, in the form of a majestic ‘OMMM’ sound.



Welcome to Barefoot Doctor World by Barefoot himself

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MASTERING FEAR by Barefoot Doctor

Derived from  the best selling Psychology of Fear training.

In the pipeline for some time.

Now here to gain some much needed wisdom.  

In this book Barefoot Doctor shows you how to maintain stability within yourself, whatever you’re going through.

He reframes fear and how we relate to it, and in so doing removes the fear of fear

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Barefoot Doctor's Book of Quotes

Wise words from Barefoot Doctor himself to help with any problem, feeling you may have.

A book to dip into whenever needed for unparalleled wisdom


More details shortly

A Barefoot Doctor poem

There are many ways to skin a cat,

Many angles you can set your hat,

All sorts of approaches to this or that,

You can make it dynamic or keep it flat,

But there’s just one thing you can’t deny:

When your head flies up high in the sky,

You may get something in your eye,

Which will make you stop and wonder why,

You didn’t stay grounded upon the earth,

That’s supported you since before your birth,

With the equator around its spinning girth,

Because the earth gives life its sense of worth.

It may seem too simple, Like squeezing a pimple,

Or being beguiled by a dimple,

But when you stay grounded, It keeps life well-rounded.

These words are well-founded.

So cut yourself slack, Stop and relax.

Feel the next breath Shield you from death.

And be grateful and glad, Not shameful or sad.

This is your day Come what may, To let go and play.

Whatever you say.

It’s only you who stands in your way.

                                                   Barefoot Doctor

Without realising it we travel to and fro through time, at the subconscious level at least, visiting our future and former selves to gain and give succour, to receive and give healing, (respectively). Read full article...

Time travel

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A Barefoot Doctor poem to a Barefoot Doctor beat to help you enjoy the adventure more

A Barefoot affirmation

Say 6x with feeling & conviction

‘Through facing and accepting the darkness, I grow, and in my growth process I find my peace of mind.’

and carry on as you were

A Barefoot Doctor poem on what an amazing adventure this is


Barefoot's little mentioned, underrated book, Twisted Fables - have you ever heard of it? It's a fantastic little book comprising Barefoot Doctor unparalleled wisdom within Barefoot Doctor's own fables. Here is an excerpt...

A Barefoot Doctor Meditation Audio Pill

Chakra sounds

Chakra Sounds
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Mental Health

The healing process, as opposed to the fixing process that's the focus of allopathic medicine, is nothing less than the Tao (for want of a better word), the power fuelling the cosmos, in action inside your body. The Tao is, needless to say, a considerable force – it would have to be to keep this entire universe in motion – and is no less considerable when doing its work inside you.

Read full article

The Healing Process

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One new page is three videos on the Fear of Death made by Barefoot himself a little while ago. You may find them comforting to watch, especially with Barefoot having passed on relatively recently, or you may not, for the same reason. It's your choice, but they're now here if you want to watch them.

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