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 In the training I take you through the psycho-emotional components of depression and show you how, by addressing each factor comprising the condition, determining where you originally made the choice to be defeated by each of them, and then actively choosing differently, the so-called depression lifts.

We’ll be examining exactly which factors comprise the condition for you, and addressing them and showing you how to exercise different choices for each. We’ll also be examining the moments of trauma that occurred to trigger those initial choices in the first place, because awareness of these and revisiting the scene of the crime so to speak is essential for making different choices. And as well as this obvious psycho-emotional level of operation there are also further levels to consider. The physical-energetic level A certain degree of compression of the wild self is normal, but when the mind is cluttered or prejudiced against simply enjoying being here, or when societal conditioning has had such an impact you’re living a total pretense, and the self-exerted control is so in excess you find it impossible to experience catharsis or express yourself freely to any extent, your flow of life-force is in dire need of stimulation to reduce the self-compressing tendency – hence we’ll be learning all relevant ways to stimulate the liver energy.

•    The way you experience life is not only determined by what you’re thinking in terms of whether you’re thinking positively or negatively, but by where you’re thinking from.

People habitually think from their pre-frontal lobes just behind the forehead, which is certainly not the most efficient place from which to observe your mental and emotional processes, as it’s similar to sitting in the front row of a cinema and having too much screen to look at to be able to take in the whole picture. Enlightened perspective can only be gained by thinking from the back-brain. Moreover emotional clarity can only be attained by sitting in the back, rather than in the front of your body. We’ll be looking at how to internally reposition yourself so you’re observing from behind and you’re able to accommodate any amount of inner or outer turbulence without being upended.

The power of intention is paramount. Once intention is clarified sufficiently for the subconscious to hear and agree, change occurs spontaneously. This involves accessing and deploying positive thinking. Positive thinking is not the denial of negative thinking, but the incorporation and accommodation of all negative fears and doubts and transforming these into forces that work to your advantage. This in itself is a perfect example of healthy non-depressive intention: that everything, no matter what, works to your advantage.

We’ll be looking at and you’ll be learning to develop authentic positivity and determining intention.

Future, direction, focus

Having a reason to decompress and rejoin the ‘race’ is obviously vital, for without one where would you find the inspiration to stir yourself to change the way you’ve grown accustomed to thinking and being? Finding direction is intimately linked to finding your calling. Finding your calling is intimately linked to knowing what quality you bring to the social mix and which you’re able to contribute, without which it’s impossible to feel any sense of self-value.

We’ll be looking at and you’ll be learning how to discover your calling and direction and to start activating it.

Physical toning

The wild beast in you requires movement. It requires exercise. Even the most basic unenlightened form of exercise provides relief from self-compression. However intelligent exercise, especially qigong, which developed as a direct antidote to self-compression, has a startling antidotal effect. Partially this is linked directly to the liver in that the liver stores the blood and releases it on demand whenever the body is undertaking any sort of strenuous activity, and the more used your body gets to strenuous activity the more readily the liver releases the blood, which takes the pressure off the liver and frees up its energy, thus elevating your state. And obviously the beneficial effect of intelligent exercise on all the vital organs promotes a state of optimal energy flow, which equates instantly to optimal mental flow, the direct opposite of the stagnated mental state accompanying depression.

We’ll be examining and you’ll be learning liver-specific qigong and general toning routines to elevate your state.

45 day Taoist Treatment course to vanquish depression completely

Introduction + 45 videos with daily exercises – watch one a day and follow along

Introductory video

1 - Set-up

2 - back method

3 - Taoist yell

4 - intentions

5 - motivation

6 - The gift

7 - Receiving

8 - Taking responsibility

Tom's story

10 - The Kidneys

11 - The liver

12 - The heart

13 - The spleen

14 - The lungs

15 - The sphere

16 - Bipolar yin yang

17 - Clinical depression and description

18 - Low self esteen

19 - Good enough

20 - Substandard gift

21 - Laziness

22 - Challenging yourself

23 - Futility

24 - Not fair

25 - Self doubt and rehabilitation

26 - Your groove

27 - Regret

28 - Projecting blame

29 - Being displaced

30 - Self-pity

31 - Living in an unnatural environment

32 - Working in a job you don't like

33 - Deficit of honesty

34 - Having no direction

35 - Wasting your life away

36 - Feeling trapped

37 - Being angry at the world3

38 - Fearing life won't work out

39 - Blowing out of proportion

40 - Amnaesia of the Tao

41 - So what

42 - The drugs

43 - Creativity

44 - Taoist meditation

45 - Protocol

End of training

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