A great bit of magic


A great bit of magic

Allow me to share my state by way of possibly inspiring similar in you when the occasion presents itself, for you see I'm privileged to be enjoying a supremely rare moment, extended moment in fact, of having crossed off absolutely everything on my list, having spent many months with no less than 7 active A4 notebooks on the go, on account of the gargantuan task of completing now two (yippee), and being well into the process of completing three, full-on six-hour multimedia volumes of A M P E D, and written the Volume Two companion book, as well as completed significant stages in two other big musical projects in collaboration with other artists enough not to have to email and explain why they'd not heard anything back from me yet at any rate, and have completed all more menial tasks, so for this blessed short while there's no massive implausible feats to perform, or mess to clean up, no provisions to buy, no chattels to move in time and space, no grown-up business calls to make, and even the people I'm helping day-to-day at the moment are all relatively sorted enough for me to take a break for a few days.

However, there was that inevitable moment about a month before completing, and that final stage is always the most exacting and potentially difficult – correcting all the mistakes, and making the whole thing shine to its optimal levels or what's the point of doing all the months and months of work in the first place – bearing in mind we're talking six hours' worth where many of the tracks have up to 150 separate channels of sound running and needing balancing just so, even aside from the complexity of getting all the lyrics in exactly the right meter, cadence and frequency and so on, and I remember it so clearly, up on the roof of the studio doing xing yi, it was, and thinking, 'fuck, I really don't know if I can do this,' when instantly as if being shunted out of my own way with it, came the message from the first cut on Episode Six, which I'd been working on painstakingly till nearly sun-up the night before, 'I can do this'.

But it wasn't like some coach-type character doing a rah-rah chat, it was more as if my whole body had ceased to be anything but a big resonance chamber for the sound of those words, 'I can do this', this all obviously on account of the frequency design and subliminals landing the message so directly into my subconscious. It was remarkable.

And without any part of me resisting, which is unusual for me or anyone else, as there's usually something inside resisting anything useful, I found myself unquestioningly, unresistingly just getting on with it, and before I knew it, well sort of anyway, bang, the whole thing was done – done I tell you, and what a buzz-plus-relief it is.

Now of course the point of the A M P E D technology is that it does the work for you.

But that doesn't mean you can't do it yourself – it just needs a lot more time and application – for instance repeat, “I can do this” (with ever so slight an emphasis on 'do', rather than any of the other words), and keep repeating it just behind the forefront of your mind and whatever else you're thinking about at the time, till I starts to feel like a drum beat underscoring all your thoughts – I can do this – I can do this - I can do this, etc and it doesn't matter what it is specifically you can do, just keep saying I can do this regardless.

Then just watch what happens the day after or day after that when required to get on with any task whatsoever – just watch how even though part of you's wanting to avoid or put it off, you nonetheless accomplish it almost without even noticing yourself doing it, so busy are you enjoying being alive.

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