A sudden boost of confidence for you


A sudden boost of confidence for you

Looking about you now it would seem you have a choice to make: to worry about the day and your life in general and allow the contraction that causes you to constrict your energy and stunt what you can achieve, or to step into the rest of the day, and of course the rest of your life, as a warrior.

Worrier or warrior.

If choosing the latter, which is the option I’d encourage you to go for, it’s down to choosing that. Rather than allowing yourself to succumb to being perturbed by everything, you instead greet everything that occurs now, whether that’s shifts in the external play, or shifts of feeling or view, with absolute delight, including even being delighted about feeling afraid (there’s nothing wrong with feeling afraid as long as you breathe with it and allow it to pass through you on an energetic level without holding on to it) – to be delighted about all of it, because you’re alive and everything that’s happening comprises an aspect of the miracle of your existence, even the difficult passages.

Confirm this choice by declaiming to yourself and the Tao of your life,

‘I choose to meet life today as a warrior and be delighted not perturbed, whether by events, feelings, or thoughts.’

This will place you in a position of personal power and antidote any tendencies to mistakenly regard yourself as a victim of circumstances. May you feel unbridled personal power now to achieve everything you want.

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