If it works for me, it works for you, and if it works for you it works for me...

On sitting talking

This is all about enabling you to manifest the life you want in terms of higher consciousness activation, healing of body, honing soundness and stability of mind, improving communicational ability, personal situation rectification, facilitating harmonious productive relationship with self and oters, lifestyle adjustment, location-shifts, occupational rebalancing, financial-flow, abundance, social positioning enhancement, and literacy upgrade through exposure to fancy phrases like the preceding.

Manifesting training occurs via intentionality building in the mind, sonic frequency healing, meditation technique, affirmations to change the internal narrative, which commands everything that happens internally and externally, qigong, tai chi, xing yi, pa kua to root all experience in the physical, psychic/soul-level healing method to adjust the vehicle at a cellular level (full list below).

I started learning the art of sound as an infant from jazz drummer father, spontaneously heard the 'OM' (background radiation wave subtending the universe) at age 6,which marked me out (to myself) and informed me with a sense of life-mission, started training in the martial arts and energy healing 52 years ago at age 11 with Tio Honsai, started training in the human condition and ways to ameliorate suffering with RD Laing at age 21, aged 23 lived with the Native Americans (some not all) in New Mexico for 4 years, where I studied shamanic healing and also qualified in acupuncture and Taoist healing after apprenticing with Dan Santos.

Started a healing practice in London in 1983, which swiftly grew to be the biggest in the world, as a day job to support ongoing development of experimental sound healing combined with dance music, frequency design, binaurals, paraliminals, shamanic healing, affirmations and subliminal message technique LPs and events all over the world, which have now found full expression in A M P E D – (see list below) Also ran countless workshops and retreats. Had a TV series, a column in a national newspaper, national radio slots, healing body-product range in over 400 stores worldwide, wrote over 20 books and started the first ever mind-altering, life-changing website in 1997.

This is all based on Taoism which I've spent 5 decades decoding and demystifying for my own sake and to serve humanity as best I can.

I'm by nature excitable and unruly. For this to have worked on me proves it's a strong system. And if it works for me, it will definitely work for you. And if it works for you it works for me, because then I'm serving properly. And serving properly makes my life work properly, so we all benefit.

This is all based on the view I have of it all today, incidentally – keep checking back here though, as I'm inclined to report regularly as my view of myself and what I have to offer naturally changes over time. Another time I might say the whole thing is about learning Taoist magic, for that’s what all this amounts to – Taoist intention-magic – manifesting what you need with ease.

Today though I regard and describe this as a holistically healing, educational, social-support facility. The way it works is I spend pretty much all of my time creating tools for you to use. I then make these available to you as gifts on the house and as paid-for products for which I charge the fairest price I can to enable the most amount of people to afford them, while still managing to keep my show on the road, as I've not quite yet learned to live on air alone.

In any case some sort of exchange is necessary for the circuit to function properly at both ends – for both you and I – that's according to Taoist magic principles and not the principles of greed.

I've just pulled the ship out of a longwinded experiment with having the emphasis on marketing and found it neither satisfied my creative flow nor pleased my soul.

This now is service plain and simple.

Why might you be interacting with me here?

In many ways you'd know the answer to that better than I obviously, but essentially if you want to change things around for the better on any level or in any or all aspects of your life, in the fastest possible time and in a way that works and keeps working, I can help you do that [by sharing this unparalleled Taoist system with you in various form and packets]. Any sort of physical disease, any sort of psychological disorder or state, any sort of emotional upset, any sort of spiritual disharmony, any sort of social incongruence, any sort of career obstacle, any sort of relationship constriction, any sort of financial disruption, or disruption of any sort – all of this along with anything I've omitted to mention, I can help you with.

This is not only from helping over one million people in individual sessions over the decades, and millions more online and through various events and mediums, and thus gaining the experience and expertise through practice, but also and probably more importantly, because the Taoist system is so comprehensive, and it all depends on a set of radical yet simple principles governing use of the body and mind, which once adhered to benignly affect all aspects of you. It then only takes a slight twist to the left or right in terms of deploying various techniques to angle the process to encompass your particular need/s at the time.

Overview of the various methods for manifesting the desired change/s in your life, including services, sound products, trainings and live events (online and off)

QIGONGO is also accompanied by companion trainings -

these tend to go together – public speaking training for any occasion and in general supported by training in developing personal confidence.


A comprehensive mind-body-lifestyle practice based on an integrated philosophy/cosmology originating approximately/probably 12,000 years ago, and possibly even far longer ago than that, in Hunan Province in what's now Northern China, possibly passed on by friendly aliens. Life on both the macrocosmic and microcosmic level is governed by a set of immutable principles governing the procession of events, both within the body and externally in the world around.

Learn to attune to and embody, then allow these principles to govern you and you merge your personal flow with the universal flow of motion throughout the cosmos – this grants you superhuman powers which you then deploy in everyday life to your huge advantage. The practice is informed by the spirit of loving kindness and care for everyone and everything around you. So not a selfish pursuit, but a self-full one.

The method operates by referencing all aspects of experience to an internal psycho-physical 'map' of the body – anatomy of the soul – which places you in the center of an infinitely expanding sphere of energy and consciousness. As you advance along the path, the sphere expands and as it does it by and by encompasses the reality of the next raft of resources of all kinds required to keep your personal mission growing.

That's one implausibly nutshelled version in any case – far better however to explore it via the various offerings here.


(You may spot a few repetitions here as this is just another view in a slightly less formal setting in case you feel a need to glean more hints about me in terms of how I may be of help to you).

If it works for me, it works for you, and if it works for you it works for me (I repeat).

Even though I'm youthful, vibrant and in certain lights from certain angles, some might say quite fabulous, I'm in the realms of the younger elderlies now (63 and a half as I type this), and for the past 52 years or so have been the guinea pig in a magnificent, sometimes magnificently mad experiment: using Taoist philosophy and serious daily practice as prescribed by its original progenitors, those sages of the ancient orient, to see how or if it worked and if it did how exactly it would change my life (for the better). And it worked. Beyond my wildest expectations.

For, to dispel any erroneous notions of me being any kind of guru, or by-nature serene Buddha, I'm by nature excitable and fascinated by people and the things of the world. And if a relatively racing – left to its own devices – mind like mine can be calmed, focused, and harnessed for the good, and if an unruly spirit like mine can be entrained into the wholehearted service to others, then basically this system can work for anyone.

Hence if it works for me it works for you – and obviously if it works for you that works for me because the circle/energy-circuit of transmission-reception is on and flowing and we're making healthy change and having fun.

Because all this working for me and working for you belies the fact I don't take any of it that seriously. It's more play than work.

I take the fact people are suffering seriously, as well as the drive to be of help, and I take the tradition and practice seriously, also my role in the transmission and dissemination in terms of doing it responsibly and thoroughly – and generously – as in giving it all and not holding back secrets or what-have-you – to the contrary, one of my main roles is to demystify, not just the Taoist system but the human condition in general.

But I don't take myself in it seriously – I play. That's the Taoist tradition – to play like a pre-societally conditioned child – innocent in the great garden like the Fool of the tarot.

Everything gets done in a flow of playful fun combined with adult concentration and perspective.

I've been well trained, have been 'a name in the 'game' longer than pretty much anyone alive, have helped without exaggeration, millions of people, over a million of them in one-to-one sessions over the decades, have written over 20 books, and as far as what I have to offer you in terms of the sound medicine that turns your life around and all the trainings, in case you want to start aiding the process in a more concentrated way, have every confidence it's of the quality and substance required to make genuine healing change on every level.

And rather than take up time going into detail I've inserted a brief biography at the end for when you feel like finding out a bit more about with whom you be interacting here. (And yes, I like talking funny too sometimes).

I need to say however that while you're obliged to pay money for any of the services, products or trainings, aside from what will be a growing body of free help, the point of this platform is not to be a shop. There has to be an exchange in order for me to continue operating and providing the service and so on – it’s my work in that sense, same way as your work is yours. But the drive here is to help you make your life the fully beautiful hit-the-spot experience it's your birthright to enjoy. And naturally if what I'm offering is of sufficiently worthwhile standard the transactional aspect happens anyway.

But a big part of the need to begin again here like this is to move away from that marketing mentality and instead move further and further into service – it’s a process and I’m always open to practical ideas of how to make it all progressively fairer and more accessible to everyone. Meanwhile, I am and remain at your service. That (one and only, original) Barefoot Doctor (himself) Return to homepage

But a big part of the need to begin again here like this is to move away from that marketing mentality and instead move further and further into service – it’s a process and I’m always open to practical ideas of how to make it all progressively fairer and more accessible to everyone.

Meanwhile, I am and remain at your service.

That (one and only, original) Barefoot Doctor (himself)

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