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Advanced Taoist Mindfulness

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Welcome to the Advanced Taoist Mindfulness Training

 It’s lovely to have you with me for this thorough and fun three week, in-depth, online, video-based training. Work through a video a day for six days then take a break for a day before continuing. Each video contains a simple yet profound exercise process to practice and then claim as your own.

Throughout the training I’ll ask you to journal about your experiences, so have a pad and pen to hand (or tablet/computer) to write things down.

Not only will these videos cover every angle and facet and train you perfectly in the art of remaining mindful at all times come what may – together they will provide you with a new anatomy of consciousness.

You’ll learn:

  • Psycho-spatial repositioning – the secret behind the power of the Taoist martial arts masters, based on developing proprioceptive awareness, an aspect particular to Taoism – how where you’re situating the mind within the body and brain determines your capacity for self-observation;

  • The clear distinction between the various areas of experience you’re being mindful of: what and how you’re perceiving what’s happening in your surroundings, in your body, with your emotions, with others you transact with, and perhaps most fascinatingly your internal narrative

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