The Power of Affirmations – partly explained

Affirmation means saying yes to whatever you're thinking about.Yes, as in can I do this? Yes, I can do this. Can I do it well? Yes I can do this well.

The subconscious sees no limit to what can be accomplished, regardless of which area of activity or endeavour. Unlike the conscious mind, which is programmed to operate in linear mode, so tends only to register incremental progress, the subconscious operates in the quantum field and so recognizes the quantum jumps possible through exponential development of whichever skill or attainment is in question.

The conscious mind is programmed to require proof or commit to a belief for its answers. The subconscious needs no proof. It has no need to posit an order of difficulty in manifesting whatever's required in any given situation.

The subconscious mind merely needs the intention to achieve or be or draw unto yourself whatever you desire, repeated a sufficient number of times by the conscious mind to register it – this tends to be a minimum of six repetitions, though it can vary from once to thousands depending on too many factors to mention in depth here.

There are two main avenues to achieving this: reciting affirmations aloud, under the breath, or written down, and repeatedly visualising a desired outcome.

The success of neither depends on the conscious mind believing what being repeated either as an affirmation or visualization. In fact, engaging in internal debates about feasibility or veracity is counterproductive as it distracts the focus.

The magical aspect of reciting affirmations or repeating visualizations is that without needing to believe or prove anything, they do the work of transforming reality for you, despite yourself.

Repeating the intention to myself a few times that I'm now able to convey this to you in a way that resonates and serves you best, for instance, it informs my fingertips with the requisite agility and spritely confidence to tap out the letters and thus channel the information through for you so that it does resonate as required. And assuming you're still reading and enjoying this you'll probably agree with that.

But don't take my word for it, however plausible.

The whole point of me presenting this information is for you to try it for yourself and see what it does.So let's, I suggest, experiment as follows.

One of the core affirmations in A M P E D addresses the universal fear of things not working out. By entraining the subconscious to assume instead that everything works out, the conscious mind then starts to focus on the aspects of situations that are working out, and because as the Barefoot Doctor himself (that's me, in case I was confusing you) says, “what you focus on grows”, the more your conscious mind focuses on how things are working out, things work out more and better.

Repeat fairly endlessly for the next day or so whenever you remember, the more the better, so it becomes like the pattern on the wallpaper of your mind, 'it all works out, it all works out.'

Use a quiet yet confident, respectful yet insistent, kind yet firm inner vocal tone for the delivery.

Also say it whenever you catch your internal narrative rolling over the cliff into the 'this isn't going to work out,' fear-abyss.

It all works out. It all works out. It all works out.

At some point after a day or two of doing it you'll forget, and that's fine. Then about four days or so later you'll find yourself spontaneously noticing that things have been working out unusually well, without you having had to do anything about it.

Affirmations come in a variety of forms and can be applied to any condition, event or situation you can think of – for a far more in-depth exploration text-wise go to either THE TAO OF MANIFESTATION, or to a new manifesto (the training).

Or for the deluxe approach, go to A M P E D because that does the affirmation-composing and -repeating for you.

This isn't the definitive article on affirmations incidentally – it will change and develop as we go along and I'll keep presenting different affirmations so keep checking in from time to time.

2 thoughts on “Affirmations

  • 01/07/2018 at 08:55

    What is the main difference between affirmation and visualization?
    As always you leave me with ideas dancing in my head.
    It’s a pity I live so far away. I really feel that I’ve known you all my life. And I enjoy the way you use language to communicate!

  • 01/07/2018 at 14:54

    Hi Sylvia B – I live all over so you’ probably don’t live that far away from somewhere but in any case, in this realm of consciousness there is no distance – visualization consists in picturing a desired outcome, in a variety of ways, often, fleetingly, with focus yet with no attempt to believe or argue for what you[re seeing, or questioning whether visualising it will make it happen – just seeing it like seeing a monkey winning an election and becoming prime minister of a country for instance – you see it but don’t believe it (even when it actually happens) – whereas affirmations are all to do with creating affirmative statements to the self by way of commanding the subconscious or entraining it to roll a certain way to produce various desired results.
    For instance say you want to enjoy more ease and wherewithal to travel more freely, visualise yourself stepping on and off countless plane-rides, or in and out of countless car-rides, or even charabanc-rides, or just visualise your face looking like it would were you traveling hither and thither with the greatest of ease and enjoyment . If using affirmations you’d write down or say something like ‘I now miraculously find myself with the wherewithal and facility for far more travel and adventure – I don’t know why or how, but now I’m suddenly traveling wherever, whenever I want, loving every minute and always with far more money coming in than going out’ many times a day and night for a few days, similar to how you do it with the visualisation. And then you tend to forget about it, and a week or so later, you suddenly realise what you visualised or affirmed or both, has actually happened. The key lies in knowing what you actually want in the first place


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