All the very finest…

All the very finest

Allowing the magic is the way.

You can't force the Tao.

You can't dictate its motion.

That would be like Canute controlling the ocean.

You can but allow the Tao its head.

You set your intention for the outcome you're wanting and rather than then clutch at it, you let it go instead.

That's right, you summon your bravery and willingness to be naked before your Tao, without artifice, without trying to guess how.

The Tao intrinsically knows what it's doing and the way to produce the result

and all you need do is sit back inside and exalt

in the knowledge you're here, you're alive,

and rather than rehearse things or worry,

all you need do is arrive.

Arrive here in this moment, clear of the past

free of projections into imaginary futures,

yet with your colors, your intended outcomes, tied to the mast.

Then without your feeling a need to race

or in any way adjust your pace,

simply by being and appreciating whatever you're seeing or feeling,

The flow of events will bring it to you -

the outcome, the state, the experience you desire -

floor to ceiling

magnificence in every respect.

Now relax and agree and let the current lift you higher.

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