All The Way To Here


All The Way To Here

It occurs to me to wonder whether you ever wonder - and don't think me overly narcissistic to consider it – what mental process I go through to decide what to talk about to you in these articles.

I wonder it all of a sudden in the same way I wonder all of a sudden say how Latin vanished as a spoken language as it gradually became absorbed and modified by the various regional variations of it – Spanish, French, Portuguese, Catalan, Italian, Romanian and to some extent, English. My wonder is more that I'd never wondered about it before.

I find the sudden spontaneous revealing of these blind spots, these instances of cognitive dissonance, of taking vast and complex matters for granted, a total wonder.

Both in the sense of having been asleep enough on the job not to notice in the first place and in the sense of how the subconscious eventually spontaneously does the reveal for no apparent reason.

I use myself as an example though am perfectly aware we all operate similarly.

Selective awareness is an intrinsic function or device deployed in the human condition – the ability to completely fool ourselves into believing in various stories and be utterly blind to what's actually going on and what actually needs addressing.

Hence why en masse we're able to be completely distracted by political shenanigans, gossip, fashions, boxing matches, unresolved personal fears and complexes, and other relative nonsenses while looming fast in the hinterlands of our reality an unprecedented ecological tumult to name but one issue that needs collectively addressing, let alone the increasing potential for social, political, economic and geopolitical breakdown and all the ramifications of that.

Not that I'm having a go, getting preachy or plaintive in any way about it – who am I as one of us doing the same thing in my own way to pass judgement after all – just making observations.

And my point is to point out blind spots and the eventual seeing of the light in respect of any issue is a wondrous phenomenon in itself nd one worth of bearing witness to from the back of the head if transcendence and enlightenment or at least freedom from needles suffering are in any way your quest.

Well I'll tell you – I don't sit down at the typewriter like some old pedant thinking, now what do they need to know about today for their wellbeing?' I'd never be so presumptuous. I merely do my best to share what I'm enjoying as the more interesting themes running in my own internal dialogue at the time as it's always packed full of nuggets due to the alchemy that invariably occurs whenever you take the human condition and infuse sufficiently it with Taoist techniques.

Calling it an exciting experiment with reality is a bland understatement and it's instinctual for me to want to share the joys with you. I've always been that way inclined as I expect most of us are if given the space and freedom to be.

Had I contrived a topic however, it would have been something about the apparent turbulence that's rocking the structures we depend on for continuity – the socio-political playground noise – the growing trend for mudslinging and mutual 'slamming' as the media in their overblown ridiculous way, say when meaning criticizing one another – the blaming, the thinking and speaking in truncated loaded soundbites, the reacting, the us-and-them-ing.

And I'd have proffered the astonishing notion that if just one fully awakened person could if even for a moment, heal themselves fully of the drive to blame, could fully divest themselves of the role of victim of the world, could fully open their heart to encompass all humanity without exception as kin, ie be feel kindly towards them all it would or at least could heal all of us.

I did it properly for a minute yesterday to get the ball rolling, which is how it came up in my internal dialogue. And I wonder if many of us do it it might not do something remarkable and within 90 days our collective sanity has started returning. Long-shot as things stand I know but it's a pleasant experience doing it anyway so nothing to lose either way.

Finally – and had I thought about it first I'd probably have spoken about this as a main theme. Following the recent survey we did to find out how people had been experiencing AMPED in advance of Volume Three coming through, aside from much heartwarming glowing feedback, one comment struck me. One person had felt scared I was covertly converting people to Taoism.

So as well as talking about this when I get round to fully explaining Volume 3 – The Miracle (and it's certainly shaping up that way) I wish to clarify I have no desire or intention to induce anyone covertly or overtly to become a Taoist.

I don't even consider myself a Taoist. I can't imagine any real Taoist would consider themselves a Taoist – yes I know it's paradoxical.

It's really not as if I wish us all to put on silly hats and wander around being Taoists together – this system doesn't operate on that herdal level. Taoism is a rough way to describe a system – not a religion – that teaches us as individuals how to operate ourselves in the optimal way to produce the optimal result from our ride down the shoot of life, which includes enjoying optimal relations with all who go on the ride with us here.

It's a series of extremely clever techniques which when practiced alter your perspective so profoundly it alters how you behave in a positive way and through that engenders positive outcomes from all your interactions (in a nutshell).

Any true Taoist who'd therefore not consider themselves a Taoist would never wish to be followed by others, all wearing silly hats and singing Taoist songs - any true Taoist would only ever wish to encourage others to follow each their own version of the Tao and sing their own songs – that's the whole point.

May your weekend be replete with miracles at every turn – unexpected quantum leaps of progress and healing that stir your heart to joy.

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