AMPED Volume 2



imagine that

Your entire realm of activity, sensation, cognition, experience and influence transformed FOR YOU from the ground up.

In six weeks, doing nothing more on the physical plane than touching a virtual button, with absolutely no effort whatsoever, while enjoying enormous fun via your earholes, and if you fancy, eyes too, the most advanced brain entrainment technology on the planet will activate your latent magic power – for real – and we're not talking Harry Potter, but proper bona fide Taoist advanced level magician skills to manifest everything – everything you want and need to bring you the greatest gain possible in all senses and all ways, and your universe is transformed. In six weeks.

To be fair, life has a habit of transforming itself over any six-week period anyway, but looking back over most six-week phases you can recall, these bits-and-pieces random shifts don't even stand in the same set of parameters as what's about to happen when you do (think fanfare and dramatic drum rolls)

A M P E D VOLUME TWO – Advanced Magic Powers Entrainment Deluxe

(that's right not just any old advanced magic power entrainment).

A M P E D is the boom-macca, super-boss transformational tool of all tools and, as well as being supreme, it's supremely beautiful – the effect, the experience, the wellbeing, the strength, the confidence, the vision, the self-assuredness, the sudden vastly increased inbound wealth-flow, the dramatic shift in your love life, the potent healing and newfound vitality, the hugely ameliorated active cognitive connection to the Tao itself, the embedded training in Taoist philosophy and accompanying dramatic increase of innate wisdom, and the almost overwhelming influx of pure fun and excitement on the ride of your life, and above all the golden touch in the deepest sense, is unparalleled.

A M P E D VOLUME TWO is a multimedia extravaganza of mind and energy altering devices contextualised in world-class highest standard imaginable, state of all arts tool to transform your life and that's no bullshit – not a single word of it – nor is it hyperbole – it's an understatement of epic proportions.

Here are short clips from each episode

Episode 1 - arriving, orienting, connecting with Tao

Episode 2 - entering the magic circle, handling resistance, relaxing and surrendering to the flow

Episode 3 - activating next level - money-abundance-success flow

Episode 4 - full-strength transtemporal healing

Episode 5 - manifesting love - that many splendored thing

Episode 6 - sealing the spell - final wave of the wand to set the process irrevocably in motion

And if you're getting the impression you're being sold to, though in some ways technically correct, you're in fact receiving the expression of its creator's excitement and enthusiasm for all the world to benefit by this remarkable phenomenon, that's blown his mind just as much, if not more, than it will yours and everyone who does it.

I could just say, get A M P E D VOLUME TWO, it'll be by far the wisest investment ever made and could even be the most important thing you've ever done subsequent to being born.

And indeed, there were phases of my life I'd have been inclined to be that laissez faire about it, but nearly fifty years in development (seriously), this is too important to be casual about.

And seriously this isn't hyperbole, but don't worry about whether to believe me or not – that's irrelevant – simply try it for yourself and if you don't find the above to be so within 30 days you let us know and will receive a full refund without needing any reason or explanation. Nursing a recent full-frontal lobotomy is the only reason I could possibly imagine anyone having anyway.

A M P E D VOLUME TWO: Advanced Magic Power Entrainment Deluxe is exactly as it says:


It's not every day, nor even every six weeks you get the opportunity for any expert in any field, let alone this expert in this field, to do your self-transformation work for you.

Because that's what this is.

By just listening once a day, one episode per day for a week, then same with the next episode and so on, till – and not as if by magic, but actually by magic, six weeks later you've acquired, by direct transmission into your all-powerful subconscious the full activation of:

1- the skills of the master magician schooled in the most ancient and probably most powerful system of magic in the world – a feat that would conventionally require many years of assiduous training and practice, along with the ability to instantaneously manifest everything you decide to manifest, without needing to buy a magic wand or occult fancy dress outfit.

2 – a new mind-set and accompanying outlook, the ability to attain and maintain calm, clear, super-intelligent, psychically-activated perspective at all times, and hence have power to peaceably prevail in all situations.

3 – an exponentially growing money-flow without having to work harder or differently – to the contrary, by actually working less hard.

4 – a self-healing reset that fundamentally alters your relationship to your autonomic system and enables self-corrective adjustments to occur spontaneously to smooth away symptoms and rebalance your core, as well as trans-temporally heal your wounded inner child and even retrospectively your entire ancestral lineage and thus benefit by an improved quality of DNA, to provide you optimised body-mind conditions by which to fully enjoy your oncoming influx of abundance of all things.

5 – a new view, stance, attitude, and vibration to the world of interpersonal relationships and activate the power and poke to love far more completely, increased sexual and personal confidence, increased libido, the clarity, confidence, courage, personal presence and power to exit unhealthy relationships you've been stuck in too long, the psycho-emotional sturdiness to never feel lonely again – ever, and if you want to meet a new lover or potential love/life-partner, the magic to draw them to you instantaneously.

6 – the holy grail of grails: an active communicational connection with the presence at the root of all presence, the Tao, by any other name, with which/whom you're learning to dance in a totally new way, lending you an ability to see through all appearances to the Tao informing every phenomenon (including even you reading this now), as it's fundamentally by this relationship you're able to induce destiny to flow your way with absolute effectiveness.

It's also by this you're granted the essential qualities of grace and patience to enable you to enjoy the dance as it unfolds through its phases of yin and yang, tricky-easy, challenging-rewarding and so on, on the way to you receiving the fruits of your magic.

In short everything you've always wanted, and could ever want:

1 - feeling beautiful in all senses all the time without exception

2 - feeling powerful, confident, clear-minded and able to stand your ground in all situations – and prevail

3 – having loads of money and enjoying huge success in everything you turn your hand to

4 – feeling healthy, vitalized and optimized all the time so you can enjoy yourself and help others enjoy themselves being alive

5 – feeling in your element in the love-life aspect of your desires and activities – enjoying a beautiful love-life, or enjoying a beautiful life regardless

6 – feeling enlightened, fully comfortable with and at home in existence at every level, at one with the actual motile power of existence, unstoppable, invincible, able to easily process any pain or inconvenience, permanently exalted, and on top of the world.

All this, and at the same time, without even realizing, you're receiving a full thorough training in applied Taoist philosophy and wisdom – priceless – that will see you good for the rest of your life.

And all you have to do is put on a pair of headphones, or put in a pair of earpieces and press play once a day and listen and/or watch the beautiful hypnotic relaxing visualizers to an average of one hour a day – you can do it on the fly, on your way to or from work, while doing the ironing, going for a run, doing qigong or tai chi, rock-climbing, or while asleep – yes you can even do it while you sleep and it works incredibly well and gives you wonderful dreams.

One episode per week for six weeks and you're totally sorted.

Each episode lasts a rough average of 60 minutes.

You can use pure audio or, as the mood takes you, watch the gorgeous visualizers courtesy of genius, Spanky Pymm, comprising state of the art hypnotist wheel graphics to help you zone out the noise and focus.

You also get a 40,000 word-long book that explains the whole premise upon which this magic is based and provides the entire script, so you can compound the effect of listening by taking the data in through your eyes and intellect too.

But while this is unquestioningly the most advanced and probably most powerful brain entrainment technology on the planet, it's also far more even than that – for in keeping with its theme, this is actually magic.

Because aside from the state of the art hypnotherapeutic audible topline narrative comprising sophisticated use of affirmations, visualizations and guided meditations, all delivered in the first person so it feels as if you're speaking it to yourself, and aside from the pretty constant underflow of subliminal messaging comprising all the key affirmations in Volume 2, along with all the key metamessages from Volume 1 for the sake of continuity and congruence, and aside from the wildly advanced sonic frequency design comprising novel use of 68 hertz, 110 hertz, 300 hertz, 432 hertz and 528 hertz, using offset and extreme panning technique to generate binaural beats in the midbrain, effectively relax and energize the prefrontal lobes to enable the necessary fresh narratives to find purchase, and to harmonize and hence heal all layers and levels of the energy body, and through that the physical, mental and all the rest, and induce focus and relaxation to optimize processing power as you're inducting the material, and altogether elicit the superhuman state requisite to be a proper magician, so that everything you touch really does turn to gold... it comprises a musical adventure of vast and epic proportions, a trip around the musical universe in a sturdy vessel made of electro-organic open-genre cinematic tech-house soundscapes of unparalleled multi-layered beauty, richness and variety and scope of musical reference, so that the entire journey is endlessly fascinating, aurally rewarding and a delight for your soul.

Either as a standalone experience, or even better, as a development of the process from Volume 1,


is undoubtedly, indisputably the absolute dog's bollocks.

It'll change your life forever.


A M P E D is priceless: you really can't put a price on magic.

So you base it on two factors:

1 – providing you the very best possible value and not using the trick of overpricing to give the impression of pricelessness and then not actually deliver, as is common – while ascertaining that in terms of effectiveness and quality of produce, it's far better value than anything comparable and does far more – and keep the price as fair as fair can be so that as many people as possible who need it can afford it.

2 – providing its creator recompense by way of livelihood for the solid year without cessation of often more than 16 hours daily, spent lovingly, painstakingly producing Volumes One, and Two, with Volume Three already in the works, for your benefit, so he can continue developing and offering these powerful tools to heal and rebalance and activate abundance-flow in all aspects of your life, as he's not quite yet developed the skill on living on air alone.

AMOUNTS ARE RELATIVE - Whether something seems expensive or not depends on your levels of desire to own it, how much you value yourself and value your overall wellbeing, and in this instance, how much you know you deserve to enjoy life exactly as you want it, how much comparable tools are, and of course how much money you have spare and so on.

In light of which I've no compunction declaring emphatically that $424 is almost absurdly good value for gaining the benefits of A M P E D VOLUME TWO – Advanced Magic Power Entrainment Deluxe.

Especially if you take advantage of the split 4, 5, or 6-part payment plans, making the total only slightly more than when buying it in one go, to cover processing costs.

And even more especially if you already have VOLUME ONE, because then you get VOLUME TWO for just $349 - email us at for the special link.

Or if you haven't yet got A M P E D VOLUME ONE (which is amazing and worth every cent ten times over, plus is the optimal way of benefiting subsequently from VOLUME TWO, even though VOLUME TWO works fine on its own, but it's obviously better to gather the full grounding and power if you can), yes, if you haven't yet got VOLUME ONE you can buy both together as a bundle now for just $783 instead of $848, saving you a full $65 – and again there's a part-payment system to spread the output over four months.

So in terms of relativity in respect of things that change your life for the better to varying degrees and for varying lengths of time – for the price of a modest dinner for two with average-to-good wine at a fancy or just semi-fancy restaurant in London or New York, or the price of a few bottles of single malt whiskey, or one or two bottles of fine wine, or an ounce or two of top grade Californian weed, or 20 or so tablets/or-what-have-you of MDMA, or four grams of good Columbian coke (none of which we advise here except the weed for its healing properties incidentally, just using these as examples of things that can alter your state), or four sessions with a therapist or coach, for instance, you actually acquire for life, the most powerful transformational tool ever invented and watch your whole life transform from the ground up in just six weeks – and it lasts – and any time you feel like topping up the fuel so to speak, you just listen again in any order you like and bang, you're there, levels of confidence and golden-touch factor topped up again in a jiffy.

Because that's what you've got to remember, by doing

A M P E D you up your inbound money factor so much, so fast, the price you pay for the product is relatively negligible; you won't even notice it.

And on top of all that, if within 7 days- and it does have to be within 7 days of purchase, by which time you've already experienced the effects of 1 session, and you either feel it really isn’t resonating for you – it can happen in extreme circumstances, or if you'd just rather skank me, though I'd rather you wouldn't of course, and am sure very few would, you simply let us know and you get a full refund and also get to keep the whole thing anyway, so although it would be a bad move from a karmic point of view if it was a skank, you really have nothing to lose either way.

Can't be fairer, more courageously, trustingly vulnerable than that with you.

It's because I'm so dedicated to A M P E D and through it being able to serve you with all the very best of my abilities and wealth of experience.

Below are what three of my beta testing team say about it

“I have just started the sixth and final week of AMPED 2, and I’m going to attempt to review how it has been when I hardly know where to start but I’ll try my best because it is too beautiful not to share with everyone.

This training, or is it a meditation? is so easy to do. I work and look after two children, so free time is a challenge but I did manage to listen to each track as prescribed, once daily for 7 days then on to the next one, sometimes quietly as a meditation but more often while doing something else like laundry or cooking or walking the dog. It works regardless. The music is wonderful by itself and the affirmations spoken by Barefoot Doctor lift your heart and sometimes just made me laugh like a little kid. By the end of every week I felt like my frequencies had been adjusted to a new, higher level with far more clarity and less interference, and i still don’t completely know how.

That said, be ready for it- I’ve experienced all the emotions at some point in the previous weeks.

Typically at some point on the first three listens of the new week I’d be moved to tears, or feel anger rising, or some vague discomfort which I assume to be old patterns or beliefs finally letting go. But whatever feelings arose there was always a background reassurance - everything is just fine, it’s all working out - and so I never felt overwhelmed.

When I began Amped 2 I was in the wake of a big life change that left me with many anxieties and practical worries. I experienced change and loss in friendships, wealth, security, love and confidence. I thought it would take me a year or more to recover. However, the most wonderful little miracles and synchronicities are already appearing - unexpected peaceful resolutions and helpful people out of nowhere. I’ve had courage and opportunity to do things I didn’t imagine I could even two months ago. And I genuinely feel like this is only the start.”

Claudia B

“I thought AMPED Vol 1 couldn't be topped and would be the Doc's pièce de résistance - oh how wrong could I be...?!

Enter stage left, AMPED Vol 2.

The excellent original music is evidenced throughout all 6 sessions and Barefoot expertly guides your subconscious on a healing and transformational journey.

This journey has you "arriving in your body" and embodying the Taoist Principles of healing and manifesting your life's purpose.

I call this 'grounding the soul energy into the body' and it's powerful stuff!

There are opportunities aplenty to heal any ailments which are bothering you, as the Doc takes you deeper and deeper and into a healing space where the magic can happen.

In short, this/these AMPED program(s) raises your vibration and this is where the magic of your life begins to happen! Opportunities seem to land on your lap, you reach out to others for help, or for a venture and they accept.

This has been my experience of AMPED Vol 2 and I've now been listening to both Volumes since early April on a daily basis.

One track per day is my treat and my life continues to transform and any worries seem to dissolve. When I look back to pre April, before my AMPED journey began, I can honestly say I've grown exponentially in many areas of my life:

- my relationships have deepened and are far more loving, not least the one I have with myself.

- I'm speaking my truth more and from a loving stance.

- my service work is opening right out and increased opportunities to serve, which makes my heart sing!

- I no longer worry about money and when challenges present which challenge this, I simply believe that it'll all work out and it always does.

- I have a twinkle in my eyes these days and know at the deepest level that anything is possible for me.

- the struggles I used to face just seem to have gone now and this is priceless to me!

I can't recommend this program highly enough! It works! - Barefoot Doctor is on FIRE and I'm delighted I decided to take this AMPED journey with him. THANK YOU!“

Danny Greene

"It's astounding... the expanse of it, how you have captured in the sonic panoramic, the enormity, the huge power of the Tao. Was like, ah I recognise this place... and only a well seasoned traveller could have musically mapped the territory so exquisitely, so you're fully transported slap bang in the expansive potential... utterly wonderful.

Instead of the fitful, nightmare riddled sleep of this last a'while - slept like a babe in arms, which I guess I was, cradled in the big Momma... with beautiful cinematic dreams.

Awe at your mastery of inspiration translation and creation.

A thousand and one hands clapping in appreciation."

Victoria Parsons

Visualiser design and graphics by the amazing Spanky Pymm

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