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68 hertz stimulates the base or root of the lower chamber and activate the 'jing' or raw animal power which the body transforms into life-force or chi in the upper area of the chamber just under the belly button.

110 hertz stimulates the upper area of the lower chamber just below the belly button to make the transmutation of raw animal power into life-force or chi more efficient.

300 hertz stimulates the body's self-mending mechanisms and simultaneously soothes the lateral prefrontal lobe region of the brain to calm the story-telling mind and induce presence.

432 hertz stimulates the heart area and induces the state of perpetual delight un-referenced to any external factors.

528 hertz stimulates the brain to induce greater and greater cognitive awareness, improved recall, increased mental clarity and focus and positive thinking.

These are used in various combinations to urge the energy to move where it needs to go to optimise your state of mind and physicality. Each frequency is also split into channels, panned far left and right with a differential of 12 hertz to create a series of binaural beats in the midbrain.

Listen while doing other things or use to help meditation or sleep.

Play on repeat while sleeping, traveling, exercising, hanging around using quality earpieces, headphones or an external sound delivery system and within no more than three days you'll be experiencing effects.

On account of its strongly relaxing properties, avoid using while piloting supersonic jets or nuclear submarines, negotiating international trade deals, driving in the fast lane, cycling in traffic or operating heavy machinery. 

Deep-frequency immersive sound-bath of 16.24 minutes' duration - – use headphones or earpieces or play on a quality system for full immersion

advanced frequency design as used in the AMPED Volumes, subtly augmented and embellished with non-intrusive yet discreetly evocative melodic and textural nuances to produce notably altered states of mind and energy-flow, designed to stimulate and give added flow to the influence of the three 'psychic chambers', comprising the Taoist anatomy of the 'immortal spirit body', which is what actually governs the physical.

When sonically stimulated the lower chamber, co-spatial with the lower abdomen, produces more raw energy and hence physical power;

the middle chamber, co-spatial with the heart, produces more delight; and the upper chamber, co-spatial with the brain, produces greater cognitive awareness.


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