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The hierarchy


AMPED Volume 3, THE MIRACLE comes in three parts:

1 audio

2 audio-visual

3 text


The crucial part comprises the audio files of the 6 Episodes. These are the bedrock of the information induction process. Use earpieces (use good ones) or headphones (likewise) and play while exercising, traveling, doing chores, even while sleeping to make sure you get your daily hourly dose.

When able to watch while listening, and in the audiovisual mood, watch the visualizers. Huge thought, care, time and love has gone into the production of the visualizers, courtesy of the amazing Spanky Pymn, this time in collaboration with superb mathematical artist, Teja Krasek, with key text and faintly visible subliminal affirmations, hypnotic spirals and gorgeous layers and shapes, it’s designed to fully focus your mind and enhance the effect of the audio when you’re in the mood to bring your eyes into play.

To include your intellectual faculties in the proceedings for the fullest all-round all-encompassing effect, read the book – it has a succinct introductory miracle-rationale to satisfy the debating mind and the affirmation script, both the audible and subliminal.

Read the script through at least once, not just to check you’ve been hearing the words accurately, but because the script is well-constructed and based on a relatively complex and effective repetition-pattern sequence to ensure maximum impact. Reading through at least once and you own it – it’s your narrative. Write it all down by hand, or the salient parts or just the subliminal scripts in part or whole, and you’ll own it double.


Unlike its two hallowed predecessors, AMPED Volumes 1 & 2, THE MIRACLE is not segregated into six themes, one per EPISODE.

The MIRACLE material is on another even more refined level and gives no quarter to linear sequence at all. 

It is totally non-linear, fully quantum and spherical in nature, spherical/doughnut-like just like the biggest miracle we know of: the universe, and all that sails in it. Because of the requirement to listen/watch-listen a minimum of six times through for it to fully penetrate the subconscious level, and hence fully work its magic on, for and with you, and on account of the highly complex near brain-imploding-to-figure-out-in-the-creation/production-stage sequence of repetitions both in the top-line audible narrative, and in the all-important multi-layered, multi-synced subliminal structure– i.e. the 'polyliminals', the very most effective way to use THE MIRACLE, is to first listen to the MIRACLE PRIMER – ideally six times in a single day to fully prepare you to receive the MIRACLE input and then one MIRACLE EPISODE per day and move onto the next, so that in six days you've listened to all six episodes -

then take a day off for contrast and repeat for six weeks.

However, it also works almost nearly as well doing it as previously, one episode per day, same episode every day for six days, then either move straight onto to the next or take a day off for contrast and move onto the next episode for six days and so on till you get to the end of EPISODE 6 at the end of the six weeks.

Either way is totally fine – or even variations on that of your own choice.

But the most effective way is one a day for six days six times round.

Either way at the end of six weeks you're performing miracles to your heart's content, and any time you feel the power flagging simply refresh by listening to any episode you like six times.

Also if you get AMPED UNDOCTORED THE MIRACLE – the instrumental versions, which are different and provide a totally different experience, and come in EPISODES, plus as a bundle of 53 separate pieces, PLUS 3 extra bonus tracks, you can continue the effect of the polyliminals and frequency design simply by enjoying the music as you work, rest and play.

Special thanks to Whirly @Support, Spanky Pymn, Teja Krasek and Ju2 Owens without whom this would have all probably been impossible

The Miracle Primer


The Miracle primer audio

The Miracle primer with visualizer

The episodes

Episode 1

Episode 1 audio

Episode 1 with visualizer

Episode 2

Episode 2 audio

Episode 2 with visualizer

Episode 3

Episode 3 audio

Episode 3 with visualizer

Episode 4

Episode 4 audio

Episode 4 with visualizer

Episode 5

Episode 5 audio

Episode 5 with vizualizer

Episode 6

Episode 6 audio

Episode 6 with visualizer

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