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Affirmation Manifesting Procedure Electronically Delivered

The Process

Manifesting change in your life is initiated by manifesting a change of consciousness, a change in the thought patterns dominating your internal narrative.

To change the patterns in order to change your circumstances, requires creating a new meta-pattern to ride on top of, supersede, supplant and altogether cancel out the residual effect of the negative elements of the existing one, while at the same time amplifying the existing positive elements.

Meaning you have to entrain your mind to talk to itself in a different way. You have to alter, and in some cases completely do away with whole chunks of your internal narrative and rebuild it with a new balance.

ENTER: A M P E D – affirmation manifesting procedure electronically delivered…DIRECTLY THROUGH YOUR EARS AND/OR EYES VIA YOUR BRAIN INTO YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND.

A M P E D is designed to transform your internal narrative and your life. Simply by pressing play once a day (or more if you feel like) for just six weeks you’ll be already in the throes of deep and glorious transformation – already feeling way more in command of your own mind, thoughts and choices, way more in command of your own time and pace, and way more in command of your outcomes.

I’m thrilled you’re here. Over the next six weeks you’ll receive the six in-depth A M P E D Volume 1 episodes, each built on a rock/high mountain plateau of audio content (supported by video and text):

a magnificent musical soundtrack
underpinned by uplifting subliminal script
with a deeply relaxing, healing sound bath washing over you and
meticulously crafted affirmations sinking deep into your psyche

The AMPED experience combine soothing, healing frequencies with positive, efficacious, life enhancing affirmations and succinct subliminals for serious subconscious shift – carefully crafted components which give rise to that mysterious synergy that speaks to and resonates with the realm of the soul.

It’s all so you can:

Change your story about people so other people treat you differently.

Change your story about the world of things, details, tasks, obligations, responsibilities, so the world of things treats you differently.

Change your story about yourself, so you treat yourself differently.

Change your story about money, so money treats you differently.

Change your story about love, so love treats you differently.

Change your story about life, death and eternity, so life, death and eternity treat you differently.



Each episode comprises audio, video visualiser and text (script for that episode) – everything can be downloaded so you can listen and watch on the device of your choice – just press play.

Use headphones or good speakers for best effect.

Use the video visualiser to help embed the subliminal messages – the subliminal script runs throughout these in a clever now you see it now you don’t pattern, while the topline script comes up regardless, which will compound the effect enormously – the synoptists spinning wheel motif that runs throughout (changing color and shape etc) is actually two – one spinning in way, one the other but cospatially – based on the Taoist notion of anticlockwise spin spelling negativity and clockwise attracting positivity.

Episode 1

Change the story about people

audio only

with visualizer

Episode 1 transcript

Episode 2

Change the story about the world

audio only

with visualizer

Episode 2 transcript

Episode 3

Change the story about yourself

audio only

with visualizer

Episode 3 transcript

Episode 4

Change the story about money

audio only

with visualizer

Episode 4 transcript

Episode 5

Change the story about love

audio only

with visualizer

Episode 5 transcript

Episode 6

Change the story about life, death and the universe


with visualizer

Episode 6 transcript


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