Astral travel

Best to lie down for this. Put your knees up, have your soles flat on the floor, insteps pulled up – this is important as it grounds you.

Next press the centre of your forehead lightly for 20 seconds to open the door of the mysterious passageway, while normalizing your breathing and relaxing completely.

Now, get a sense of your presence – the essence that fills your skin with consciousness and feel yourself floating upwards, rising right out of your body and floating upwards, as if someone was pulling you upwards by a silver thread attached to your navel, until you’re hovering 6 feet (2 meters) above your physical body.

Now carefully turn over and gaze down upon your physical form with compassion.

In fact while you’re up there, imagine you have the power to heal yourself, which you do, and simply by intention, direct healing chi to all parts of your physical body, especially those that are hurting or malfunctioning and sooth away all stress.

Then as this is just the first sortie and it take a while to develop astral muscularity, turn back over and float back down into your body, all the way in, take a moment to gather yourself and carry on as you were.

It may take a few attempts to achieve lift-off but is worth persevering with, as it opens the doorway to all sorts of astral acrobatics and fun.

I wish you a profound healing.

Love, D

© Stephen Russell

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