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Welcome – it’s lovely you’re here for this E.A.S.E. Training.

I can’t stress the significance to your life enough, of finally getting a proper handle on stress. Watch any pro boxer, dancer, martial artist, rock-climber, or any sort of pro action-person in action and you notice at once how relaxed they are. Not in the clichéd sense of lying on a sofa watching TV, because that’s just mind-numb, and is in any case collapsing not relaxing.

True relaxation, the direct opposite and antidote to stress, means using your body, your consciousness and the energy driving both wisely – never too much, never too little. This is what the Taoists mean by not acting brittle and using just 4 ounces of pressure at all times. It’s obviously not a measurement of weight but of always using sensitivity and respect dealing with your surroundings, your affairs, and your people.

Contrary to the beliefs of the old patriarchal paradigm sensitivity doesn’t imply weakness. 
It takes strength to be sensitive, hence present, enough to constantly notice the ineffable miracle of being alive.

Valuing it comes naturally with that.

Valuing it means valuing all of it, the yin and the yang, the tasteful and distasteful, honoring each equally as both are required to provide the dynamics needed for life to exist in the first place. 

Friction arising from the interplay of opposites is the sole agent of growth and progress.

Implicit is, that a degree of stress is not only desirable, it’s inevitable. 

We only exist because we resist the flow of atoms sufficiently to maintain this form for the relatively brief while we do.

So we learn to love stress, because it means we’re alive. 

However, it’s when we’re hooked on an excess of it that it becomes a problem.

Just like too much of anything good, it makes you sick.

There’s an art to regulating the level as you go. There’s a science too. 

And believe it or not there’s fun to be had doing it.

Learning to drive the vehicle properly is just like taking the time to understand how to do anything properly. Invest a short while in following the instructions and you actually end of saving yourself loads of time. 

I mention time, as it’s that sense of running against time, that feeling of going at an unnatural pace that’s half the reason for getting hooked on stress.

The other half is not feeling in charge of your own direction. 

Direction and pace. Feeling (and being) in command of both signifies a healthy animal.

Feeling a victim of the pace of life, of the agendas of other people, feeling bereft of personal autonomy – these are the underlying triggers, no matter what you’re stressing about. 

Less excess stress and you will enjoy more ease and success – so let’s get started.


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