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QIGONGO - BAREFOOT DOCTOR'S ONLINE IN-DEPTH QIGONG TRAINING - for health, longevity, stamina, muscle tone, improved organ function, improved musculo-skeletal function, improved brain function, increased confidence, superhuman strength and resilience, suppleness and flexibility of body and mind, brighter eyes, better vision, better hearing, better feeling, more stabilized emotions, clearer mind, sharpened focused… uhm, oh yes: better memory, better and more youthful looks, increased courage, a more adventuresome life, and lest we not forget, lastly but mostly, the chi of a thousand warriors. 


Introductory video

Set 1 companion notes

Set 1

Set 1 waterwheel

Set 1 Twisty Whisty

Set 1 Bird, foxtrot, side-bend

Set 1 Recap

Set 2

Set 2 companion notes

Set 2 introduction, stance

Qigongo Set 2 Tiger claw

Qigongo Set 2 One inch slow rolling punch

Qigongo Set 2 Punching behind, hip curling punch

Qigongo Set 2 Chest expander, rolling sky

Qigongo Set 2  Head turner, tiger to shops,  hanging deer, swinging arms

Set 3

Set 3 companion notes

Set 3 introduction, stance

Set 3 the bear

Set 3 the hawk

Set 3 the tiger

Set 3 the rooster

Set 3 the dove

Set 4 

Set 4 companion notes

Set 4 introduction - surrender

Set 4 upper body

Set 4 upper body

Set 5

Set 5 companion notes

Set 5 introduction

Set 5 the lungs

Set 5 the kidneys

Set 5 the liver

Set 5 the heart

Set 5 the spleen

Set 5 the energy sphere

Set 6

Set 6 companion notes

Set 6 alignment

Set 6 monkeying around

Set 6 Self-massage

Set 6 Closing

Set 6 Full run through


Healing sounds companion notes

Healing sounds introduction


Healing sound shi soundbath


Qigongo Q & A

End of training

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