Hello – good to have you here – I’m delighted to welcome you to Neigongo. 

QIGONGO AND NEIGONGO (yes, NEIGONGO – the inner qigong/kung-fu of the Taoist 'internal alchemy system').

With this duo of superb trainings you learn the most powerful, fast-acting, strengthening, body-and-mind-changing systems of QIGONG known to humankind, combined with an unsurpassed and ancient system of Taoist internal alchemy – meditation of the most powerful kind used to develop the 'immortal spirit body', and which has an instantaneously revolutionary effect on your energy field and consciousness and brings out the superhuman in in you in no time.

You’re about to learn the essential set-up, the way of organizing your body and how your mind sits in your body. Rather than be a process that occurs in your imagination alone, NEIGONGO is experienced in the body. The body is the arena in which you experience the alchemical process. Stage 1 is the equivalent of setting up your alchemy lab.

There are nine steps comprising a protocol for achieving full centering effect.

It’s similar to piloting a jet. You follow prescribed protocols before each flight to ensure maximum safety, speed and efficiency.

These culminate in the all-important shift of moving your presence fully into your back – into your internal seat of power, your inner throne room, whence you’re able to take full command of the vehicle, without which is like flying the plane from one of the passenger seats.

Until your alchemy lab is set up you can’t even begin to do the alchemy.

So learning and laying claim to these steps is essential.

However, even before launching into the full alchemical process this first stage of essentially arriving in your body in any case activates or prepares the ground for subsequent activation of the jing.

Here’s a quick overview on how your training is delivered before you delve in.

Do the introduction video if there is one, and then five videos each day, all of which comprise one exercise, adding the previous part of the exercise as you go; plus an affirmation to help you embed that day’s exercise…

These simple Taoist exercises are quite profound, even though they are quite subtle. Which is why I’m suggesting you don’t rush as rushing through the exercises distracts, in general, from experiencing the subtle changes that are possible from a longer, more sustained practice of the principles.

Ready to get started? Go to the first exercise.

Exercise 1 - Moving as a unified force


Though the videos are fully self-explanatory, I’d like to augment this exciting first week with a few pointers before you get into the introduction to the exercise 1 video.

The optimal way to take the course is to watch the intro video for the week and then watch and do one exercise video per day (in sequence, obviously). This will only take a few minutes. I highly recommend watching each day’s video, preferably in the morning, doing the exercise with me and then once you can remember the exercise, doing it on your own, without watching the video, enough time to make it yours. If you have the time, revisit the exercise and repeat during the evening.

The exercises are essentially an aspect of ‘nei gung’, internal work and therefore subtle, so need sufficient contemplation to lodge correctly at the subconscious level as well as the conscious.

It’s not enough to get the information with the intellect. It has to penetrate all the way to the autonomic level.

You’ll find the way I put the information across, it tends to continue moving through your thoughts like a ninja as you work, rest and play through the day. But to help this along, do make use of the audio affirmation for the week (it’s one of your bonuses).

This first week is to orientate you in respect of your internal world and the external world, as a unified presence and hence unstoppable force.

I spent years in my own training focusing on just this first principle as it’s hugely powerful and crucial and in the old days it was traditional to take it all very slowly. Since then, there’s been a quickening, currently gathering pace, enabling people to acquire and assimilate information far more rapidly.

One week, (five days on, two days off) is, in my opinion and experience, optimal for getting each week's exercises to embed. However, it’s not really just one week, as each group of exercises are contained within all the others, so as the weeks unfold+, this first exercise and then the second and so on, will continue embedding as you go along.

All in all I’m incredibly excited you’re starting the course and could easily waffle on the length of a book but as I say, the videos speak for themselves, so without further ado, I bid you adieu and look forward to seeing you around the campus, so to speak.

Love, BD

For the next five days, use the following affirmation, six times when you wake up and six times before you go to sleep in order to penetrate the subconscious.


Week 1 Affirmation

“I am a unified entity, moving through my life as a unified force, connected to the core of The Great Way, unstoppable and invincible.”


The videos

Introductory video

Moving as a unified force 1

Moving as a unified force 2

Moving as a unified force  3

Moving as a unified force 4

Moving as a unified force 5

Exercise 2 – Mindful Breathing

Moving into the second exercise, mindful breathing, you’ll notice once you start retraining the breathing mechanism, so your belly swells on inhalation and flattens on exhalation, that your navel is bang in the center of the motion of the breath – distending away from the spine and drawing back towards it again on inhalation and exhalation respectively.

This will help you combine the first two exercises, so to speak.

I won’t repeat myself here – I say it all in the videos – but I can’t emphasize the importance of this exercise. You’d be dead without breathing. That’s obvious. But closer to home, if you want to calm your mind down and along with that settle your feelings in order to think clearly so you can make the right decisions and not get yourself in a pickle at every crossroads, learning to slow and smooth your breathing is the most immediate lever you have.

Not only that but combining awareness of the one point, thus morphing yourself into a unified shape, with awareness of the breath, helps you dispel the accumulated fear in the lower belly. And it’s this accumulated fear and the muscular tension it generates, which is what’s been holding you back from reaching full potential till now.

I’m not preaching – I have to work with it myself not just every day, not just every hour, but every minute.

We all have to.

However, developing an active relationship with the breath is one of the eight keys to gaining full command over yourself and hence over your reality, no matter how challenging.

OK, let’s get started. Love, BD

Week 2 Affirmation

“Breathing is the most important thing in my life – everything else can wait.”


The videos

Mindful breathing 1

Mindful breathing 2

Mindful breathing 3

Mindful breathing 4

Mindful breathing 5

NEIGONGO soundof breathing

Exercise 3 – Expanding Your Posture

The importance of this exercise cannot be exaggerated.

The normal tendency is to contract against life, against the potential pain and disappointment. This tendency leads to a diminishing of both the physical form and the consciousness. This in turn diminishes your options and hence experience. And over time, the contracted position grows more and more fixed, until you shrink all the way into death.

To increase longevity and expand your experience of life in order to gain and give the very most value possible, it’s essential you learn to expand your posture and hence reverse the process. It’s something you remember to do in each and every moment as each new raft of information impacts on your person. It may seem obvious once you get in the habit of doing it, but until you do, you don’t even realize you have the option.

So here’s how to increasing your options and expanding your magnificent self to its full potential. With love, BD

Week 3 Affirmation

“Expanding my posture expands my whole life.”

Affirmation 3

The videos

Expanding your posture 1

Expanding your posture 2

Expanding your posture 3

Expanding your posture 4

Expanding your posture 5

Principle 4 – Relaxation

I’m very happy you’re doing the course even though it might have been tricky being consistent.

Personally I think this is useful.

A bit of inconsistency is good for the soul and strangely helpful with the learning process. The main thing is not to get neurotic about it.

Trust your subconscious mind to have been taking it all in and if you’ve missed some, go back and start again – there’s no mega-rush – enlightenment isn’t going anywhere.

Implicit in this, as you may have spotted, is the subtext to relax.

I’m not going to repeat myself – the videos say it all – I’m feeling too relaxed for that.

And how do I achieve this relaxation even while in the midst of working prodigiously? And how will you also achieve this state of supreme calm in the midst of activity?

Well, as you’ll see from the videos this week, the key lies in developing a different relationship with your soft tissue – developing more cognizance about what you’re doing with your muscles and sinews at any one moment and whenever spotting unnecessary gripping, release it.

By getting in the habit of constantly checking and releasing you build up a facility for remaining relaxed at all times (within reason).

As soon as your muscles relax and you remember to center yourself below the navel, breathe slowly and mindfully and expand your posture, you’re back in command, or more or less (you’ll complete the picture in the succeeding exercises).

Remember however, that relaxing is totally different to collapsing. Collapsing is something a warrior tends to eschew at all costs.

Relaxing is active not passive.

So take this as a mild yet sincerely meant exhortation to get back in the self-empowerment saddle and focus on one of the most important skills you’ll ever learn: relaxing in the midst of the whirl and swirl of the world of the ten thousand things.

With love, BD

Principle 4 Affirmation

“In the relaxed atmosphere I generate around me, others are encouraged to relax likewise and in the combined calm that produces, many miracles of healing and success transpire for all of us.”


The videos

Relaxation 1

Relaxation 2

Relaxation 3

Relaxation 4

Relaxation 5

Principle 5 - sinking

Trusting you’re finding your rhythm with the course, it’s now time to acquire a bit more gravitas. Watch any martial arts master move, talk and even think and one thing that strikes you is his or her gravitas.

As if weighted down and rooted to the earth’s core so that to move them off their spot physically or metaphorically would be all but unthinkable.

Imagine how much more powerful you’d be in your daily life were you to be a similarly unmovable presence.

People would automatically gravitate towards and revolve around you rather than vice versa. As would the ‘gods and spirits’ bring great gifts.

The way it works in nature, is supply any fixed element and all the other elements congregate and organize themselves around it.

Essentially this exercise is about leadership.

But leadership of others in all its various forms and guises can only arise from one who is already leading him/herself effectively.

And you can only lead yourself effectively if you’re fully present here on the earth plane with all your wits about you.

And that’s just one advantage of learning to sink your weight, the theme of this exercise. Sink your weight now.

I won’t repeat myself. The videos say it all. I’m feeling simply too grounded for that.

And you will too once you do this exercise. Again, I’m delighted you’re doing the course.

With love, BD

Week 5 Affirmation

“Surrendering to gravity now, I induce the power of the whole moving universe to flow up through me.”


The videos

Sinking 1

Sinking 2

Sinking 3

Sinking 4

Sinking 5

Principle 6 - center brain awareness

Now we’re up to the sixth exercise, you’ve engendered a radical shift of psychophysical focus via the preceding 5, have set your system up for a quantum leap in personal power levels and now you’re about to activate it.

I won’t repeat myself repeat myself as the videos say it all anyway, but I just want to encourage you to apply yourself fully now, because this sixth one is so powerful that once downloaded fully, will give you a totally different life.

This, combined with the preceding affords you the perspective of the ‘gods’ – the heavenly realm view even and especially in the midst of the world of the ten thousand things and so enable you to retain your center and your sanity no matter what.

It also opens up your psychic abilities and allows you to detect the subtext and true meaning of every situation, every encounter and every experience.

It’s actually one of the simplest things in the world to do, but because we’re so habituated to using the brain to support rational thought to the exclusion of all else, it’s initially quite a challenge. You have to learn to feel your brain as you’d feel your elbow, for instance, from the inside, rather than think with it.

But once you’ve got it and are using it all the time as you work, rest and play, you are born anew in each and every moment.

It’s sensational (literally).

And I look forward to watching the transformation occur for you. With love, BD

Week 6 Affirmation

“Drawing my mind back into my midbrain, I activate the limitless universal vision, power and knowledge of my subconscious mind to beneficially change the way I live at a radical level.”


The videos

Center brain awareness 1

Center brain awareness 2

Center brain awareness 3

Center brain awareness 4

Center brain awareness 5 and review

Principle 7 - opening the heart

This is where you learn the mechanics of love, which isn’t to imply anything mechanistic – to the contrary.

Love is the envelope in which all miracles or quantum healing shifts occur. Love is the lubricant that enables your affairs to progress smoothly.

But love isn’t just some abstract concept.

Love is actually an energy-essence that originates in your heart region.

By learning to relax, soften and open the heart region, you give rise to a spontaneous ongoing outpouring and receiving of ever greater amounts of love.

By doing so your life transforms another quantum notch for the better in every way.

However, were you to have approached this prior to downloading the previous six principles onto your hard drive, you wouldn’t have had sufficient inner ground and would be in danger of letting your love run away with you.

What you learn here is grounded love.

This is your passport to the heavenly realm here on earth.

And if you find this exciting, just wait till we get to the next one. With love, BD

Week 7 Affirmation

“It’s OK to love and be loved – love makes everything work for me – I don’t conceptualize it – I just relax my chest and open my heart.”


The videos

Opening the heart 1

Opening the heart 2

Opening the heart 3

Opening the heart 4

Opening the heart 5 and review

Principle 8 - activating awareness of the Tao

Congratulations for having acquired all the inner skills of the preceding seven exercises, which combined are enough to set you up for life as an enlightened being, to the point that the eighth one would reveal itself anyway.

However, on account of deeply entrenched Cartesian thought patterns in our culture, it’s sometimes possible to download the greatest jewel onto your hard drive and yet still not cognitively know what to do with it or what it’s for.

How many times have you passed by a beautiful view but been too busy in your head to notice or acknowledge it?

This eighth exercise is all about training yourself to acknowledge what’s there and has been there all the while but you were too busy to notice – the key to all personal power along with all the benefits personal power confers: success in all areas of life, ability to manifest what you need in every situation enjoyably and effortlessly, an ability to feel the joy of being alive all the time and let that be your solid inner ground regardless of external fluctuations of fortune, the ability to contribute something truly great to the world, to name but a few.

There is a presence – call it Tao – present at the nucleus of every atom, present in every situation, every person and in you.

Once you access always-on awareness of the presence within and around you, you’ve attained enlightenment. I won’t go into the benefits of enlightenment, as that would be crass – they’ll reveal themselves to you now in any case.

Love, BD

Week 8 Affirmation

“Though I don’t know how, I am the Tao – as the Tao, I am everywhere in everyone and everything forever and ever.”


The videos

Activating awareness of the Tao 1

Activating awareness of the Tao 2

Activating awareness of the Tao 3

Activating awareness of the Tao 4

Activating awareness of the Tao 5

Intermediate break and recap

You’ll already be experiencing a subtle yet palpable shift in the way you’re positioned within your body and how you’re more automatically referring all experience back to body-centred awareness, rather than being stuck in whatever story or stories you’re telling yourself.

And you’ll be finding your personal power levels have risen significantly as a result. The course is designed to infiltrate the habitual trance of everyday life sufficiently to embed itself permanently in your deepest circuitry.

However, just like becoming fluent in any language, for this is essentially a new (though ancient) language you're learning, unless you use it, you lose it – not that it vanishes from your circuitry, but your retrieval system for it atrophies.

So it’s fairly vital that you do make a contract with yourself to keep using it. This will happen naturally simply by remembering everything so far as you work, rest or play in any given day.

However, to really make the connection fully viable between that aspect of you that tends to lose itself in the everyday trance and this new deeper aspect awakened by the training, I wholeheartedly advise you to download all three parts of the course so far – video, audio and text, if you haven’t already done so and to go through it again and even again if needs be.

I’ve included a suggested 8-day training review you can do and advise doing it at least twice through. Then if you enjoy and value the experience, incorporate it as part of your daily regimen from now on. Naturally the more regularly you do this, the more powerful the effects will be, as there is literally no end to the depth, breadth and height you can reach inculcating and using the eight principles from here on in.

What you’ve done now is set up the template. However this obviously doesn’t mean you’ll never have a wobble, or never fight again against the new levels of wellbeing the course has installed in you. Of course you will, if you’re human. However by simply bringing awareness back to the principles again and again, you’ll relatively swiftly experience a burgeoning state of perpetual centeredness and empowerment and levels of self-struggle will diminish proportionately.

What you’ve also done here and will be reinforcing, is set up a whole new template for being you, a whole new body-referenced model of relating to both yourself and others. This provides the basis for going into the study of how to develop the chi (psychically charged life force) that the practice of Taoism is famous for.

Developing chi is imperative for mastering all the more advanced skills of self- healing, self-realization, self-defence, manifesting success, manifesting wealth, and eventually going on to learn how to heal others and even teach others the methods yourself, all of which will be covered in a series of advanced courses to be announced shortly.


8-Day Review Training

The best way to conduct training is to do the exercise routine, using the relevant video and text accompaniment [given below] in the morning, ideally before getting busy with anything or anyone. This might mean getting up ten minutes earlier than normal and it will be worth it. Before starting, drink a glass of water and pee if you need to, to help clear your system of toxins.

Then during the day, remind yourself about the relevant focus [given below]. Finally at night before going to sleep, listen to the relevant audio [given below].

Do eight days straight without a break, then give it a rest for two days, start again and so on.

In the unlikely event this feels too intense, build up to it by leaving a day in between, thus stretching the course over 16 days.

I’m offering this as a guide. Naturally use your intuition to build the training around your own pace and schedule over time.

The following sequence is incredibly simple yet extremely powerful now you’ve completed the course and have a full grounding in the techniques. It essentially comprises practicing the routine in the day-5 review video for each of the eight weeks, at a rate of one per day as follows:

Day 1: Moving As A Unified Force. Exercise routine from week one day five, focus from week one day five, plus week one affirmation audio.

Day 2: Mindful Breathing. Exercise routine from week two day five, focus from week two day five, plus week two affirmation audio.

Day 3: Expanding Posture: Exercise routine from week three day five, focus from week three day five, plus week three affirmation audio.

Day 4: Relaxing: Exercise routine from week four day five, focus from week four day five, plus week four affirmation audio.

Day 5: Sinking: Exercise routine from week five day five, focus from week five day five, plus week one affirmation audio.

Day 6: Midbrain Focus: Exercise routine from week six day five, focus from week six day five, plus week six affirmation audio.

Day 7: Open Heart: Exercise routine from week seven day five, focus from week seven day five, plus week seven affirmation audio.

Day 8: Being Tao: Exercise routine from week eight day five, focus from week eight day five, plus week eight affirmation audio.

Certain exercises are highly portable and so lend themselves well to use on the move, on public transit, walking down the street, sitting at work, watching a movie and so on and are an effective way to further inculcate their power into your system in the midst of daily life.

On the way to work, sitting or standing: week one, day four – press into the navel and sink your weight as if standing in horse stance (you don’t actually have to bend the knees much if in public – subtly will work fine to focus you and streamline your energy) – if sitting simply feel your weight sink through your sit-bones.

Walking to work, walking or running anywhere or whenever exerting yourself: week two day two – four stage breathing combined with belly breathing, to harmonise the breath and energy and focus your mind.

On arriving at work or whenever having entered a space with other people: week three day two – lengthen your spine – this will automatically trigger the rest of the postural alignment and optimization and give you a greater sense of self-worth in the company of others.

On finding yourself stressed from overload at work or home: week four day one – tense and release all muscles – this will give you instant relaxation and rest your internal computer ready to see things more clearly and calmly.

On feeling like you’re getting lost in externals and needing to regroup internally: week five day one – breathe through heels - done sitting or standing – this will immediately ground you, clear your head and bring you back into your body.

On feeling as if you’re becoming confused by all the action and noise going on around you or that you’re losing perspective: week six, day one – press behind ears – this will instantly remind your mind to slip back to midbrain position and thus help you regain instant command of the situation.

On feeling isolated, lonely, misunderstood, or generally unhappy: week seven day four – just press palms – this will increase the flow of love in and out and induce greater happiness.

On feeling momentarily without purpose or direction, becoming emotionally unsettled or generally losing perspective: week eight day four – focus on golden ball of chi and place visualisation inside it – this will remind you instantly of your higher purpose as a channel for the Tao.


Ok, that’s it. So, from one to another, I salute you and wish you benefits beyond your wildest dreams.

And now on to the next bit -

Toodlepip with Love, BD

Intermediate break and recap in pdf format

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