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Barefoot continues the discussion on addiction

Video transcript

Addiction itself is, as I was saying, crucial to nature. You can’t have a form that exists without being addicted to itself. That’s how it works. Nature exists through addiction. Everything addicts itself to being that form for as long as it can until it succumbs to entropy and dissolves. So addiction in itself is not a bad thing. It’s a good thing. It means that you’re alive. When you can honor addiction as a good thing it becomes your ally, the process becomes your ally and not something to overcome. As your ally it’s much easier to work with. 

The process of addiction as your ally you’re in a much better position to choose what you want to apply it to. Say you've been addicting yourself to various substances and you wish to stop doing that, it's a lot easier when you can say, ‘it’s good for me to be addicted, but I will now switch my addictive process from applying it to this substance to taking up this exercise, or meditating, or whatever else, it doesn’t really matter at this stage of the conversation. It’s just a matter of knowing you have the choice and you can exercise it. 

We have to start learning to trust that everything we’re doing is actually the right thing or the right way for us to be operating, because if you start assuming that, even if it doesn't look like that, you become an ally with yourself, you unify, and once you’re unified, you are then able to operate more clearly and you find that you start making a lot better choices anyway. 

This is a very hard thing to get across and I know that wasn’t the most succinct but we will talk more.


Thank you for watching.

Stephen Russell 2020

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