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Barefoot on addiction cont'd

Transcript of video

In this ongoing discussion about addiction and talking to the spirit of whatever you're addicted to, this is a personal ritual where you’re asking the spirit of whatever it is you’re addicted to, ‘release me, release me.


Now if you’re actually saying this sincerely, the importance of this is that you're making an agreement with yourself, you have unity, you’re cooperating with yourself, and once you’re cooperating with yourself, the rebel, who's the addicted one, stops rebelling with the other bit of you and you can have a result.


So how about repeating the following affirmation, which I’ve been doing myself recently with the writing. It really works nicely,


‘I cooperate with myself, cooperating with myself is the same as cooperating with life. When I cooperate with life, life cooperates with me. I get what I want, I cooperate with myself’.


And you just have to say ‘I cooperate with myself’ over and over and you'll find it has an amazing effect. You start to feel a unification of self and with that comes increased power to follow through, on whatever it is you decide.


 I wish you huge cooperation with yourself, not just about addiction, but about everything. May this be helpful to you.

Love, BD

Barefoot Doctor 2020

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