Better and better, bigger and bigger, brighter and brighter

Better and Better, bigger and bigger, brighter and brighter

It occurs to me to suggest a short personal training session – something to try that takes a few minutes to either provide a format for a daily regimen or to add to an existing one – reason being it’s important to have a proper meeting with yourself once a day – at the deepest level, as opposed to remaining engrossed in the machinations of the internal narrative mind – a meeting with the big boss within – the aspect of Tao that manifests itself as, through, and within you.

I suggest a small combination of gently physical moves with internal concentration moves. Bear in mind the following, which I’m ‘curating;’ as I go along, improvised style, is in no way meant to be comprehensive, just a door-opener, though in itself, if practiced , would be enough to keep you rolling right if it was all you did. But the likelihood is it would inspire you to do more qigong and/or whatever you do do.

Either way let’s do this today and see how it strengthens your cause. All of Taoism is an experiment with reality, so have no expectations, merely open-minded attentiveness. Nonetheless having a clear intention for the way you wish to feel afterwards and the way you wish the action to go for you will guide that experience in for you.

1 – if sitting sit square and balanced on both sit-bones, feet flat on floor if in a chair, cross-legged if on the floor – if standing, place feet shoulder-width, a bit pigeon-toed so in fact your feet are perfectly straight, outer edges of the feet parallel to each other as if standing on train-tracks – bend your knees a bit, but keep the knees over the feet – don’t let them cave in – as if sitting on a big fat medicine ball.

2 - Sitting or standing, drop your shoulders and let your weight sink into your pelvic floor. Push the back of your neck further backwards a bit and feel your spine lengthen.

3 – raise your arms to chest height as if holding a tree you can’t quite get your hands to meet around – with a gap of a few inches between your hands –the arms forming a semi-circle.

4 – put dynamic strength into the position – into the whole body, not just the arms – so you feel strength activated in your legs, hips, back, front shoulders and arms. Extend the shoulders away from the spine, extend the elbows away from the shoulders, and the wrists away from the elbows, so you have maximum shape.

Hold for a moment, and release – go soft, but still hold the shape. Repeat twice more.

5 – keep pushing the neck back and let it encourage you to push back against all the rest of you too – push back into your kidneys, push back into the back of your skull.

6 – Notice how being more in your back, you’re also now more in command of the front part of body and brain – the habitual noise and stress of the front have fallen away and what remains is merely a space, an arena in which energy is moving. Notice how this has changed your relationship with yourself and your experience of being alive here.

7 - Broaden your chest and allow the natural sense of goodness, kindness, courage, love, nobility, and dignity on behalf of all humankind to flow and radiate freely from there, simultaneously opening to the potential for receiving the same from all loving, sentient beings - from the Tao in everyone and everything. Notice how this makes you feel connected to everyone and everything at the root [this is the absolute, ultimate antidote to loneliness, incidentally], at a soul level.

8 –from the back of you, with heart open wide, love flowing, in your own way and words, say hello to the Tao – acknowledge its presence everywhere within and around you and in and around everyone and everything.

Feel it say hello back, in its own way and words, then tell it your wish for everyone and everything – your wish for the universe – feel it receive and acknowledge your wish. Then tell it your wish for someone you know who needs help just now. Finally tell it what you wish for your beautiful self. Wish/intend – same thing – purely transmitted from a state of grace.

Then breathe out and return to usual daily states except now you’ve opened the door to the Tao, via your subconscious, taking over the show. Doing so your whole life transforms by quantum leaps, better and better, bigger and bigger, brighter and brighter.

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