Bundles of abundance of absolutely everything your heart desires

I'm thinking about bundles – I like the sound of the word – and I like the original significance of the idea it represents. Before mechanisation bundling firewood, the laundry, or whatever needed collating into a transportable unit, was a fairly common, frequent activity.

We bundle less these days, far less, because our bundling and bundle-moving is mostly done for us – outsourced to supermarket chains, delivery services and what-have-you.

But the spirit of bundling lives on – hence why we like the sound of products bundled into bundles online – and a beaut of a bundle or two are the ones in question (on the video) – but what I'm thinking bundle-wise, as we've just passed that solstice time of year and anyway, is in respect of us managing this human condition of ours more effectively and enjoyably, how we adopt and invest in various bundles of thoughts, bundles of ideas, bundles of beliefs and opinions, and disinvest in others, on a fairly constant basis.

Red's my favorite color, no green's my favorite color, this is my favorite beach, no that's my favorite beach.

And it's because we allow ourselves to be beguiled by the world of relativity into thinking it's real (rather than just relative) – we tend to believe that things are either this or that way, rather than be honest about it and acknowledge everything is a mixture of both this and that – good and bad, not good or bad.

So we adopt entire bundles of beliefs about what's good and what's bad, but then as we notice that what seemed good then seems bad now and vice versa, rather than question the validity of the opinions-bundle model in the first place, we tend merely to drop the old bundle of beliefs in favor of a new one, and so perpetuate an endless cycle of unresolvedness (great word isn't it?).

There's nothing wrong with bundles in themselves of course, as long as we're aware bundles are a construct of the mind.

Mind you, gratuitous pun intended, the bundles in the video are also a construct of sound and vision and worth a gander – another experiment is facilitated by them too. To wit, I've made the bundle price of all tai chi trainings and the bundle price of all School for Warriors internal alchemy trainings really low to make it easier for more people to benefit because these trainings are important in that sense. But there are bursaries available on application to support@barefootdoctorworld.com, so if you haven't done these yet and know you'll benefit by them but aren't flush enough to pay, explain your desire, i.e. state your reason and you get them for whatever you can afford.

It's how I used to run my healing practice.

The key to liberation from perpetual bundling deriving from delusion about the way reality works in this respect, is to learn to sit in your back and observe your mind playing around with concepts in the front there. From the back you see clearly that these opinions-bundles are just constructs and hence that you're free to not pick them up and instead remain equanimous no matter how good or bad things seem in any given moment.

And aside from all that I wish you bundles of abundance (they share the same root) of absolutely everything your heart desires.

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