Coming On

Coming On

“Why the long face?” I ask my friends in the field. They don't answer, at least not in words, but we share heartfelt love as pure as the sky is blue.

Nonetheless I continue discussing the world with them and asking them how they felt things were going from an equine perspective, and then getting more personal, whether they have dreams or aspirations, complexes or insecurities.

I converse with animals and human babies or toddlers who can't yet speak in words, as if they're world-accustomed, highly literate adults rather than condescending and talking in baby-idiot voice and language. And because I speak from the presence in the back of me directly to the presence within the back of them, a soul connection is established, and remarkable healing can occur as a result.

Cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, white cranes, dolphins, turtles, a semi-tame fox and even the occasional wolf as well as many babies and toddlers have been my friends over the years, in the sense of establishing deep connection whence healings occur.

I'd not call myself a whisperer as I converse in my usual gentle, respectful vocal tones but conversing from the presence in the back of me with the presence in the back of them, the effect on both animals and humans regardless of age, is profound, as it is on me – I love being part of a soul-connection happening. And in the tradition of the Native Americans whose most generous, magnificent hospitality I enjoyed for four years as a younger man/non-whisperer, and whose cosmological paradigm suggests every manifest phenomenon, apparently living or inert, has a soul, I even converse from the presence in me with the presence in trees, plants, tables, cars, floors, pens, spiders, bees, wasps, mountains, and planets – and workloads, in money-flow, and in responsibilities of all sorts.

And it's in this dynamic where the entire field is perceived as alive and conscious and I'm in constant communication with all of it, that the magic of manifesting by guiding things towards me occurs. Which is why I tell you all this.

In short, see the Tao in everyone and everything and talk with it in everyone and everything you encounter, and let it talk to you likewise, and you'll find it far easier channeling things towards you (than if you don't have any dialogue running with the world of things).

The horses don't have any aspirations it turns out meanwhile, no complexes, no particular insecurities, or so they say, but they do like to go to the occasional tea-dance and dance the foxtrot.

So now when you're talking with people, do so from your back and do so intending your message to reach and connect with the presence in the back of them. You'll be amazed the way this improves the quality of communications with all others – human, animal, vegetable and mineral.

It's my desire that you take the information here and also start dialoguing with the presence in everyone and everything you encounter, because from that all sorts of miracles occur.

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