Convert this data into realtime results

Convert this data into realtime results

In the manifest realm – this material plane – yin and yang underlie and rule all the action.

Yin and yang refers to the phenomenon of polarity – the eternal dance of opposites, each pole vying for and attaining to supremacy over the other, only to be subsequently replaced by the other and so on – day to night, night to day, bright to dark, dark to bright, easy to hard, hard to easy, flowing to stuck, stuck to flowing, rich to poor, poor to rich, kind to cruel, cruel to kind, and so on.

There can never be only yin, or only yang – there is always a mix of the two. So while the ongoing endeavor to achieve eternal order, whereby everything is prefect, all mess removed from the equation forever, and so on, may possibly be a laudable or useful human trait, it will never ever happen, at least not for more than a second or two in passing.

Whatever is transforms into the opposite in the fullness of time. Without exception. Now this isn’t to suggest you stop striving for perfection if doing so turns you on. It is to suggest however you retain proper healthy large-view perspective all the while, so that whenever glitches in the process inevitably arise, or when heaven forbid you occasionally fall short of the mark. performance-wise, you don’t automatically succumb to overreaction and waste precious energy worrying and fretting about it.

Nor of course do you become complacent or slovenly – you continue aiming for perfect yet with an easy attitude towards te fact you’ll never achieve it.

Ironically the Persian rug-makers who did pretty much attain to perfection in their craft, purposely included a deliberate mistake, to remind themselves only the original generating force of existence is perfect. They felt it was tempting fate to come on with the presumption of matching that so they stuck in a wee fault. Cute or what. Most of us have no need for any of that though, because the odds of achieving perfection in anything whatsoever are not especially high.

Instead, we must learn to love the mess – not condone it but love it – love it because the mess is Tao as much as the tidiness and loving the Tao in everything, not to mention everyone, is a major key to enlightenment, manifesting and just about everything there is.

And paradoxically and magically, you’ll find when you surrender to this and actually let yourself love the Tao in the mess, the mess seems somehow to un-mess itself before your very eyes and the non-mess prevails.

If you want to swiftly convert this data into real-time results rather than just entertain it intellectually, simply repeat 36 times with full feeling and conviction, ‘I’m amazed to find me loving the mess and muck of life – loving the Tao in it – all the time – and even more amazed to mote that the more fully I do so, the less mess I’m confronted with, or have to deal with.’

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