Barefoot Doctor's Deep Confidence Training

The failsafe method for developing unshakableself-esteem, self-worth & self-entitlement


Welcome – here’s how to get the best from the training.


Start with the introduction, then work your way through the videos. Watch one video a day to absorb the information and practice the exercise before moving on to the next.

For the first three days, find some quiet time when not driving, cycling, free running, or operating heavy machinery and listen also to the Deep Confidence poly-paraliminal audio six times a day.

Bonus audios

Deep Confidence Poly-paralyminal Audio – brand new kicking techno dance track with enough embedded subliminals to get you fully airborn as you dance. The way it works is you hear or semi-hear an affirmation or suggestion once twice or thrice and then kind of detect it going on just under the surface at the same time the next suggestion or affirmation is introduced so that by the time you rest your booty at the end you’ll have been receiving a multitude of affirmations simultaneously. This sends them all straight into the subconscious and triggers it to produce the requisite state. You’ll also notice the affirmations working off each other and forming totally different affirmations in so doing. It’s very powerful.

Confidence Building Meditation – nifty Neo-Taoist confidence-building meditation session set to the soothing yet stirring strains of an extemporized PURE B soundtrack for your existential and sensual wellbeing and satisfaction.

Magnificent In Every Possible Way – rousing motivational meditation to elicit a state of personal magnificence and promote manifestation of a magnificent life, set to an almost edible PURE BAREFOOT beat, proffered for your listening and spiritual delectation and delight, with love.

Remove Constraints Meditation – soulful meditation to help you remove all unnecessary self-imposed constraints on your happiness, wellbeing, abundance and success backed by a heart-warming PURE BAREFOOT beat, proffered with love at this point because it’s worth it and so are you.

Trust Yourself – relaxing, reassuring opportunity to clarify the fundamental choices upon which your reality is predicated, set to a relaxing, reassuring, uncomplicated Pure B beat for your sensual and existential delectation – with love…

Introductory video

1 - Being perfect

2 - how you talk to yourself

3 - supposed deficiencies

4 - enumerate your qualities

5 - gaining perspective

6 - kindly inner voice

7 - understanding the inner balance

8 - making everyone around you feel wonderful

9 - reintegration of self

10 - the future you

11 - your model of reality

12 - self-worth

13 - treating yourself well

14 - self-leadership

15 - realistic positive thinking 

16 - trusting your own unique life stratagem

17 - understanding your gift to humanity

18 - dispelling the myth of needing to earn love

19 - presenting yourself optimally

20 - acknowledging yourself

21 - final word

Bonus audio meditations

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End of training

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