Doing Magic With You

Doing Magic with You

Animism is the Native American and/or Taoist capacity for seeing the ‘Great Spirit’ or Tao, not just in everyone you meet, but in everything you encounter –

every person, every tree, every rock, every car, every flight path, every smartphone, every haystack, every worm, every tiger, every cuttlefish, every pen, every power supply for a lap, also every situation, every event, every thought, and every feeling –

every aspect of the experience of being human, moment by moment, as you go along, is the Tao, and you’re talking with it via everyone and everything, and it’s talking to you via them too – which is obviously the very basis of ‘magic’ – the ability to guide the flow of life your way to produce the results you require, simply by the power of intention – you intend it be a certain way and that’s how it’ll be – wu wei – effortless manifesting – and it happens because you’re in constant two-way loving communication with the isness of everything – yes, in continuance of that discussion I want to focus on how it helps when you have what seems like a ridiculous amount to do, pretty much all the time.

I say so because of all human challenges, this is perhaps the most or at least one of the most prevalent and essential - the one that takes up most of the internal narrative time – managing the conflict between the drive to simply do nothing and love being alive, and the drive to achieve, to attain, to survive, to thrive.

Of course there are many components to developing this skill, enough to fill a few volumes – which if you check out all my books and training is what I do with my time – not a plug, just saying so you don’t feel bereft of further information once you’ve read this – but this is probably the most important of all of them.

So let’s say you’re facing an implausibly ponderous work/task/responsibility-load and are feeling overwhelmed – perhaps you’ve been procrastinating, avoiding, delaying and ignoring it but can’t put it off any more, or perhaps you’re assiduous in getting it all done, but nonetheless feel overwhelmed or daunted.

Bear in mind the following is shorthand to save us being here all day – a fast, cut-through device to open the door for you, and not a comprehensive protocol – but if you actually do this and repeat it on a regular basis, it’ll get the magic working for you (so we’re not wasting time or anything, heaven forbid).

Center yourself – sink backwards inside, sink downwards inside, lengthen the spine, breathe slowly, soften the muscles, open the heart, and arrive here.

Picture or make a pictorial representation in your mind of all the things you have to do.

See them all before you, spread out as if upon a picnic tablecloth.

See each one as merely a mask for the Tao.

See behind the mask of each task, the Tao, the original generator of existence – don’t get childish and turn it into a person – there’s no need – just see the presence, the light, the consciousness, the ineffable imponderable mystery of Tao looking back at you from behind the mask of each task.

Then say to it in your own words and style, “Hello Tao behind the mask of each task, do yourself for me – I will fully do my bit of physically facilitating the requisite motions and gestures – you do all the actual doings.”

See/hear/feel the Tao say (in a style and in words that resonate for you), “OK, chum, with pleasure – for your part, keep repeating to yourself, the less I do the more I accomplish – I don’t know why, it’s a miracle but I love it a lot, and otherwise just be present, relax, perform, enjoy yourself…and stay out of my way, with your what’-ifs, shoulds and shouldn’ts, OK?”

Then see yourself say, “Yes, Tao – I agree.”

But really get into it – don’t just pretend even though the dialogue bit is just pretending because the Tao doesn’t speak and we’re merely using the dialogue device as a way to elicit the sensation – really method act it properly so you feel the Tao behind the masks on all your tasks, and feel yourself in communication with it, and feel the agreement being made.

Then stop, let go, forget all about, it, tune into your physical impulses. If they’re to walk away from the tasks, walk away if they’re to start the tasks in a bizarre order, start the tasks in a bizarre order – whatever the impulses follow them, and keep following them, and what you’ll find is, as you play your way through the day like this, is that well in time for drop-dead date, you’ll have accomplished absolutely everything with excellence, economy, efficiency, and enjoyment.

And when it comes to accomplishing things, you really can’t do much better than that.

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