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Adjusting Yourself So You Feel Absolutely At Peace With Yourself And Your Life

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When you’re at sixes and sevens with yourself – don’t adjust your set – being at odds with yourself is an essential part of the cycle of internal dialogue – there has to be confusion for new clarity to emerge – it’s yin-yang. Instead, relax into it without identifying with it. So you pull your focal point back into your midbrain, settle into your body fully, soften your muscles (stop gripping on to/for nothing) and breathe – slowly, freely, mindfully and deeply all the while.
Bear witness to the way you’re fighting with yourself – and love it – don’t try and stop it – love it and it will swiftly pass of itself.
In Taoist numerology, 6 represents reduction – in this case, reduction of clarity, while 7 represents manifesting something new.
Hence before manifesting something new, it’s inevitable there’ll be confusion, doubt and fighting with yourself. This is merely symptomatic of the yin urge-to-stasis, giving way to the yang urge-to-change and is best treated by relaxation and observation as above, rather than attempting to meddle in the internal debate, which only adds more voices to it and so slows the process down.
Life is not what occurs in your mind.
Life is happening within and all around you. informing you and all you do. And it does this more fully when you’re more empty (of attachment to the drama in your head).
Love where you are, how you are and only then can you change it. Trying to change where and how you are, while you’re still resisting it and all you do is carry resistance with you, which slows the manifesting process down.
May this serve you well today.

Stephen Russell 2014

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