Feeling Alright all the Time


As newborns we feel everything magnified – I know this because, though, I play it down, I was the rapscallion who introduced baby massage into the UK when I returned from the US in 1983 – totally by accident but it took off to be quite a huge thing with well over a hundred people showing up each week, often from all over the world – it was quite mad, all that fuss over a bit of Taoist massage applied to wee people, but there you are.

I also did acupuncture pain-relief at well over a hundred births.

And before studying acupuncture and so on, studied with RD Laing, whose whole thing was based on what happens in the womb and directly after, and how this shapes you for life.

So much careful observation of newborn babies, and not just idle theory.

And because as newborns the extremes of hot and cold, pain and no pain etc. are so amplified, we are traumatized by it, and by the up-down cycle of feeling alright alternating with not feeling alright, and in our baby-minds decide we want to feel alright all the time.

And just look how humanity’s resources are mostly spent on trying to feel alright all the time – cosmetics, entertainment, fashion, cars, houses, technology, plastic money, vacations, lifestyles, cosmetic surgery, gyms – and all predicated on a trauma-reaction from the earliest days of life.

In fact, because of the inevitable turning of the yin and yang, shade and light, hard and easy etc., how anyone could expect to, or even waste energy trying to feel alright all the time is patently absurd.

However, there is a way to feel alright all the time regardless.

And the key to that lies in knowing it’s OK not to feel alright.

Because once you truly accept that, you find you feel alright not feeling alright, which means whether you feel alright or not you feel alright anyway.

The key to that lies in staying back inside so you can bear witness from the back-brain, because when you watch the world from there you stop referencing feeling alright to external events or conditions, and start referencing feeling alright exclusively to the simple yet unfathomably profound fact you’re alive – you have the greatest gift of all, you’re alive. Whatever happens after that, good or bad, is secondary.

And once you develop appreciation for the gift of being, it activates a resonance in your field, which magically transforms external conditions to reflect that.

And if all that seems too metaphysical to manage, simply remember to stay back inside rather than shove yourself into the front where all the noise of needing in vain to feel alright all the time goes on.

Push back internally into your kidneys and push back internally against the back of your head and you automatically find yourself sitting in your back. If you remain back now it will change your life so profoundly in all ways you’ll hardly recognize it within a month or so.

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