Filled with raw Tao

Filled with raw Tao


In continuance of the theme proposed in the previous article, this enterprise of attuning to the Tao – the Tao within every cell of your body, the Tao within the cell of everyone else's bodies, the Tao behind every thought: every thought, being thought now, or due to be thought in the future, by everyone whosoever lived, is living and will live, likewise every feeling, likewise every situation developing or not from every interaction – and having attuned, commune, conduct a conversation with it, what you might call praying in the purest sense – though your intellect will likely be inclined to attempt to put words to it, to put a theme to it, to give it a title, similarly no doubt to how various prayers found themselves in various prayer books, this conversation goes beyond words of any description.

The interchange between what's essentially the constructed, hence ultimately fictional self, the you you introduce yourself as to others, and the Tao within you that's been granting you the arena in which to experience yourself all the while, is very similar to the conversation going on between your right hand and right forearm. It's incredibly complex, too complex for words, even if your hand and forearm had mouths and knew how to speak. And of course, had ears and a capacity to listen.

It's an in-depth complex conversation without words.

So when you sink back inside, when you push yourself back into your kidneys, into your shoulder-blades, and back of your skull, and gaze out from back there, keeping your heart soft and open up front to keep you connecting at soul-level to humanity in general and specifically in terms of those around you, what you find there is the realm of the Tao – your back is a portal to the realm of the Tao.

Once through that door, you'll instantly notice an intense two-way stream of information running between you, as it were – so much information so quickly it would be impossible to put words or descriptions to it – there simply aren't that many words in the world.

And the way of the master to whom all is revealed in the fullness of time, is to fully desist from even trying, but instead to exercise the grace and patience to allow the dialogue to continue without you being able to interpret it or define it in any way.

Exposing yourself to the raw power of the universe like this takes a certain courage and humility, in being willing not to know what you don't know as a human but do as the Tao, but it rewards highly – let yourself and all your senses rub up against this inbound stream of information for just a second or two and it recharges your spirits.

Sit with it every day for the rest of the ride and you'll probably notice little difference in the quality or tone of experience when you die, which removes the dread of death and dissolution of the (fictional) self, and when you're free or freer of that dread, you're also freer of the dread of living your life to the full, while you're still this side of the great divide.

On the way there, however, you will notice a huge and exponentially growing uptick of energy, stamina, self-confidence, insight, self-healing ability, manifesting capacity and overall fun.

And once you get used to it, a wonderful feeling occurs in that gap where once a description, explanation and evaluation would be going on, but which is now filled with raw Tao instead.

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