Everything is frequency.

The frequency with which you go for a pee, the frequency of the color green, the frequency with which humanity observes the various annual festivals – Christmas and Easter for instance, the 300 hertz frequency that mends tissue, the 66,000 miles per hour frequency rate at which the earth circles the sun, the frequency at which yin and yang cycle each other for eternity – war and peace, agony and ecstasy – birth and death – it all cycles.

It all has a frequency.

It all has a frequency.

Frequency is the fundamental building block of existence.

The material universe is predicated on a sound-wave 30 light years in width, sounding at 50 octaves below everyday human hearing capacity.

And the reason cats purr is because they instinctively know sound is the primary constituent of existence and hence the primary healer for all of existence's inevitably broken parts.

When nothing manifests as something, as is the case here in this universe, there is immediately a polarity created – nothing vs something. This extends into an everlasting multidimensional dance for dominance between the negative and positive poles – the nothing and the something – the yin and the yang.

The friction generated is the necessary agent for growth, transformation, change.

Smoothing out that friction to attain balance within ourselves is what we're applying the majority of our attention to one way or another, more or less effectively most of the time - variously addressing it or distracting ourselves from it.

That's what this site is for – displaying as clearly and relatable-to as possible, as many of the techniques as possible, to address it and attain to the smoothed out, healed state, even as you go about your business.

Short of you applying yourself with due discipline and assiduousness, patiently training yourself day by day however, the best medicine I can possibly offer comes in the shape of the multimedia phenomenon/tool called A M P E D.

There are a group of core factors or modalities involved inA M P E D, one of which is a particular and unique sound frequency design and deployment running throughout – which would be fine to have as a standalone and indeed, I will attend to making that available in the fullness of time. For though not very entertaining in its own right, it does sound beautiful and certainly has its place as pure sonic medicine – I've made a loop of one of my frequency designs for you below, so you can get a feel.

You'll find the same in D.A.R.E., Cinematic Meditation, and all the other sound-based 'medicine' on the site. But it's developed to the next level in A M P E D.

That's the frame for this conversation about frequency.

Cats purr to smooth out the jagged edges of sensation – to heal themselves.

Try rolling an 'R' continuously, save for when inhaling, for 20 minutes (I did it non-stop for a whole day once as an experiment, so 20 minutes is no big deal) – and watch how effectively it vibrates all the noise away from the prefrontal lobes and leaves your mind feeling supremely clear, and your body more cohesive and relaxed.

Sound works.

It works to kill, and it works to heal – just like Taoist martial arts. There's always the balance of yin and yang to attend to, no matter what.

Sound weaponry is a fact. Sound weaponry was used benignly by the police to calm the crowds at the London Olympics as far back as 2012.

Sound weaponry is so powerful it can even be used to alter the weather at will.

The Chinese used sound weaponry to make it rain on Beijing before the Beijing Olympics, to clear away the smog, then to keep the sky clear of clouds and enjoy the event under a clear blue sky, and recently to make it rain over an area the size of Spain.

Sound weaponry is used by spies vs spies via phones to cause dizziness and disorientation.

On the other side, this same powerful force when delivered in the right frequencies and applied to healing is equally effective.

Point is it's not just conceptual fancy – it's real enough for the most pragmatic of our numbers, the weapons guys, to focus big resources on.

So take it seriously.

Sound when it's administered in correct doses, frequency and tonal quality, is as powerful a healing modality as any, if not more so.

And as far as any interaction between you and I goes, this is the top of the line of what I have to offer to sort you out profoundly and fast.

Rather than bang on about it verbally, below is a loop (of one of my frequency designs) - download it, put it on repeat and feed it into your ears for a while and watch how it calms you yet energizes and instils enthusiasm for life in you.

This particular design has, among other things, been shown to have a tissue-mending effect at a cellular level, and to affect the brain chemistry in the prefrontal lobes of hamsters. And you will find this especially helpful if you're a hamster with a busy mind. But also good for humans.

I'll tell you more when I think of it...

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  • 26/06/2018 at 19:59

    Certainly worth a download i really do feel less chatty in the mind – Can i express an interest in some more of these please 🙂


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