Gets you higher than drugs or alcohol and it’s good for you – Rich Festive Special


Gets you higher than drugs or alcohol and it’s good for you – Rich Festive Special

I left a track simmering and came up on the roof of the studio to do my morning training session just now, the dazzling photon-intensive view over the mild urban sprawl to the sea and solar effusion-profusion of which - and whence the following was inspired - is herewith presented, for your existential and sensual delight. Existential because as with all Taoist method, acquiring this technique or approach will divest your mind of a veritably huge load of unnecessary mental weight, stress and clutter, produce better results in all endeavors/enterprises/situations, which itself alleviates even more stress, and so leaves you far freer to appreciate and enjoy each moment of the festive and any other activities on the sensory-sensual level, where it really counts.

People complicate everything. Take the notion of God, for instance. The source of life: consciousness energy, light, heat and motion is right there in the sky for all to see. And while the sun isn’t the only source of light – there are countless billion other stars, mostly far larger than the sun – but each an aperture through which the ‘divine fiat’, the eternal outpouring of light, expresses itself, it is our nearest visible proof the light exists. Yet we create the most elaborate stories about it and many have lost their freedom or their lives for subscribing to different stories, we build temples and churches, we pass down all sorts of elaborate scriptures and in the process of intellectualizing and abstracting it, obscure the very thing we’re looking for.

If you want to know what God, the Tao, looks like, there’s no need to wear fancy dress or disport yourself in a church or any special building at any specific time, no need to think or speak in arcane language – you merely have to look around you. This is God, the Tao, with its clothes on – you, me, and all of this – all just the Tao with its clothes on cutting some shapes on the dance-floor of the party called 'the world of the ten thousand things'.

And if you want to know what the source of it looks like, the light informing it, look at the sun (but not for long) – that’s the nearest point of pure God, pure Tao, naked.

And the Tao, the light, God, being in one aspect, infinite knowledge, is jolly clever and knows precisely what will happen and when. Hence it knows the way to proceed at every juncture. And knows it far better than you or I, entranced as we are with the hypnosis of being human and hence with a far more limited perspective.

And that’s fine. It doesn’t mean you can’t access that knowledge. To the contrary you can, and must if you want to have the full experience on offer here.

Making the right choice at any given moment, then becomes discerning the way rather than intellectually thinking your way to it.

You spend most of the time and your conscious thinking, making choices – when to do what first, whether to do this or that, from the most miniscule issue to the most life-changing. You think-and-think it through, you consult people, oracles, horoscopes. You twirl pendulums. You check the cards.

Imagine how much headspace you’d free up if you actually let all that mental activity drop, fall away. Imagine how much clearer you’d be. Just like a 4-year-old child who hasn’t yet been fully indoctrinated and conditioned to conform to societal norms, filled with innocent curiosity and glee.

That’s the state we’re aiming to attain and sustain with the practice of Taoism. That state with the benefit of all the experience and wisdom we’ve since picked up along the way.

Come with me here and let’s experience it. Don’t think about this, just do it (without thinking).

Relax your body. Breathe slowly and evenly. Drop your weight. Lift your crown. Shift the weight of your body from the front to the back. Shift your mind’s vantage point from the forebrain to the upper back-brain and gaze out from back there.

Soften the center of your chest and let your innate love and soul-beauty radiate freely to connect you at soul-level with the root of all humanity, and with the original presence, the light, God, Tao informing it.

Though like a tree with the passing of the years you’ve grown a few carbon rings, the original self still remains within – the you who floated free in the womb in that second trimester, the gleeful 4-year-old, are still within to access and embody.

Access and embody the 4-year-old now.

Discern the 4-year-old’s intention, which will be to have fun and keep on having fun at the most profound level by playing alone or with others but all the while playing with the Tao, playing with the light.

Embody that intention now.

Relax the forebrain and desist from any tendency to intellectually figure out the best way to produce this result.

Instead surrender it to the light, the Tao – give it to the sun and the Tao will then guide and direct your steps via a series of impulses arising from your belly, up into your heart and from there to the base of the midbrain.

And all you then do is hold fast to your intention in any given situation, follow the impulses and you’ll be guided to the optimal path at all times and everything will unfold with supreme elegance for you and everyone around you.

So really that’s the only choice you have to make, to do all that, to train it in as a moment-by-moment protocol for moving along the Great Thoroughfare – after which all other choices can make themselves.