Hale and hearty and up for the ride

Hale and hearty and up for the ride

A little healing procedure for you here.

But why would you want or need one?

Well unless you're a perfected being, which is impossible on the earth-plane, because all of nature, including us humans, is predicated on the yin yang, hence there's always a balance of opposites, health and ill-health and so on, the Taoist way being to seek a preponderance of the aspect you want over the aspect you don't, you can always benefit by a healing, whether to attenuate the discomfort of whatever conditions are occurring, or to accentuate the benefits of your given assets.

And it goes like this – based on the premise that every condition begins as a choice (mostly fully unconsciously) in the mind at an autonomic level hence if you can access that layer of thought-processing and insinuate/insert a different choice/command your autonomic system will run on that instead – and moreover that visualization undertaken correctly is perfectly viable device by which to penetrate to that level of mind and make an effective intercession:

Picture the inside of your body as a vast chamber with ample space to fit a second different anatomy along with the usual physical one, an anatomy comprised of three vast chambers, one on top of the other. The first is down in the lower abdomen, starting at the back in the kidney region and extending forwards to the umbilicus, and downwards to the pelvic floor.

The second is in the thoracic cavity, starting at the spine directly between the shoulder blades and extending downwards into the solar plexus and upwards into the throat.

The third chamber is in the middle of the brain, starting towards the back of the brain and extending upwards to the crown, forwards to forehead, and downwards to the upper brainstem.

The first and lowest chamber is filled with rich white-gold light.

The second, middle chamber, is filled with rich rose-gold light.

And the third, uppermost, is filled with rich violet-gold light.

The different colored lights represent the different qualities of energy in the respective chambers or centers.

The energy of the lowest serves as catalyst for all functions associated with the need to use willpower, the need to access the ability to flow with events, and the capacity for regenerating vitality, hence enabling you to live a long, healthy, fruitful life.

The energy of the middle chamber serves as a catalyst for healthy growth of the character, accentuating the capacity to love, care, help and overall interact in kindly fashion with the world around.

The energy of the uppermost serves as catalyst for all functions associated with enlightened transcendent consciousness and the ability to operate at all times with grand perspective and vision.

Continue breathing and allow each successive exhalation to fan and hence progressively brighten the light in each chamber, until all you can see is the light in its various shades and nothing else.

Now momentarily fixate on an area of pain or discomfort and picture the light in whichever chamber that pain is happening in or around obliterate it so that all there is is that light.

Apply the same to all other pains or lesions likewise.

In other words, activate the light in each center and let/see it obliterate any disease occurring in its dominion.

Repeat this every now and then for a moment throughout the day for three days and you'll notice a verifiable change for the better in at least one if not all areas of former discomfort or pain.

May this serve you well and you always find yourself hale and hearty and up for the ride.

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