In-depth guide to the Six Taoist Healing Sounds


Welcome - here's how to get the best from the training.

Listen to the introductory audio and read the companion notes through for the full background on the healing sounds and the Taoist approach to health and healing – then engage with the six training audios, one for each organ, one for your overall energy field, and one healing soundbath to tone with or just use to wash through you.

I recommend learning one sound each day, then adding it to the next day's sound and so on, until by the end of the sixth day you have them all as your own. This is because it's worth the time to appreciate the sensation and effect of each sound before learning the next.

The toning practice is augmented by the Taoist technique of having a conversation with each organ in turn, as if talking to an old friend, as this also helps guide the mind, hence chi, and blood appropriately.

The palpable effect of each intervention will be detectable the following day, 24 hours later, as it requires that long for energy to pass through the body's 24-hour clock.

In making the sounds the point is to strike as much of a resonance as possible and is not necessarily about toning in deep baritone or bass.

Once you have the sounds, try toning along with me in the bonus sound-bath, as I believe it will give you a full lift on all levels.



Introductory notes

Introductory audio

The lungs

The kidneys

The liver

The heart

The spleen

The energy sphere

Healing Sounds shi soundbath

Companion notes

End of training

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