Hello Angel

Hello Angel

Pt I

If, rather than the person you think you are, you were an angel in human form, with your wings and other angelic bits invisible to the naked eye, yet nonetheless there, along with all the powers associated with angels: healing, bringing abundance, making miracles happen, bringing peace and so on, and your function on earth, while passing through, was to help as many people as possible along the way, to find their way, their health, their fulfilment, but mostly to remember and wake up to their own angelic essence – if you were really to let that existential model inform you – how might your life be different?

If your focus was on marvelling at the improbable adventure of finding yourself with a human identity and all the resources associated with such an identity, along with the ability to repair whatever’s broken before its even broken, rather than on serving the usual sort of ongoing egocentric agendas that fill most of our heads most of the time, how might this affect your experience of being here?

The reality is a constant flip between the localized-limited version of you and the angelic version, and the way, as far as I can tell, is to spend progressively more time in angelic form, as this profoundly raises the frequency of your energetic vibration, which in turn dramatically raises the overall quality of all aspects of your life, from the inside out.

Hello Angel Pt II

So, assuming you really are an angel in human form, a fallen angel, besmirched by the ways of the world, as it should be, or what was the point of falling here in the first place, and you have these beautiful wings and other assorted angelic bits, invisible to the naked eye, yet nonetheless fully present and active, along with all associated angelic powers to heal, bring abundance, repair what’s broken even before it gets broken and generally trigger miracles for people, take a moment now to use this for the good, by focusing your mental attentions on someone you know, who you know would benefit from an injection of angel stuff –

this could be someone you love, someone you need to make peace with, someone you hardly know or even someone you don’t know at all – direct your angelic palm in their direction and transmit a stream of angel essence to them. See it splash upon their crown, onto their forehead, chest and belly, and fill them to the brim, till you can see them glowing with it, say, ‘may it be so,’ or words to that effect, return your attention to your own angelic presence, feel yourself whole and contained, and carry on as you were, ready for the next assignation.

Hello Angel Pt III

So assuming you really were an angel in human form, a beautiful fallen angel who forgot they were an angel, so engrossed in the fall were they, but had recently been waking up progressively more to their true identity, and in so awakening, had found themselves increasingly with angelic powers to manifest healing and abundance for others, how about a little fun manifesting some things for your own bad earthly self, by way of a wee thankyou for all the incredible suffering and struggling it’s gone through all these years keeping the life support structure going for you till we all finally arrived here at angel time together and are finally in a position to have some fun?

To wit, think of something you really want to manifest – probably something you’ve wanted to manifest for some time but haven’t been having much luck with and have been starting to think you might have to give up on it, but are still really yearning for beneath all that.

And knowing, as an angel you have extraordinary powers, assume your angelic identity: see and feel the wings extending from your shoulder blades, see and feel the radiance of light all around you and so on, and direct yourself to gather the desired outcome into manifest form for you.

At this point it’s fit to politely disconnect the cognitive connection and allow the angelic aspect of you to fly off to do your bidding.

You’ll likely discern a flap of wings and subtle gust of angelic air and then, simply turn away, as it’s impolite watching an angel doing its business on the quantum level, and carry on as you were.

Depending on how huge a thing it is you wish to draw into being, there’ll now be an inevitable delay in terms of the passage of linear time before the result shows up.

Hello Angel Pt IV

Being an angel in human form may seem just a nice enough abstract notion but as soon as you start living from it as an assumed model, there’s no doubt reality and your relationship with it actually morphs for the better spontaneously.

One of the main functions of angels, as far as we know, is to impart any requisite qualities and factors such as the strength, health, courage, wealth, opportunities and creative ideas, to those who are in need of them in order to produce a miraculous healing effect in any or all aspects of their lives. By fulfilling your function as an angel, you are fulfilled in return, and your fullness will include all the resources you need for your own healing miracle to occur with maximum effect.

But rather than look far afield for someone to heal, look to your own close-up relationships first and if any are in need of some repair, assume your angelic form and, in your angel-mind’s eye, visualize the scenario of the relationship as you currently see it, wrapped in a sphere of light, aim your palm at its centre and direct a stream of angelic healing bang into it.

See it activate the light of the sphere and cause it to grow far brighter and see that light suffuse all elements until you can clearly see the relationship healed and with harmony and integrity restored.

Expect miraculous results within 24 hours.

Hello Angel Pt V

So there you are, an angel in human form, your angel tackle, wings and so forth, huge and resplendent yet entirely invisible to the naked eye. But your human self, the aspect of you invested in the suffering and self-flagellation finds it so hard to love itself. Yet if it were to desist from the compulsive need to self-inflict suffering and punishment (for being human), and simply love itself more, all aspects of its life would improve dramatically, it would have more love to share with others, be able to receive more love from others, and would thus become a magnet for good fortune – it would inherit the golden touch.

And as it’s strangely so hard to do this, to love yourself as the human you are, and it would be so amazing if you were to start right now, do the following:

Project the vision of you as a fully-fledged angel into the space in front of you like a hologram. See yourself standing there in full angelic resplendence, wings at rest and light emanating from every angelic pore, smiling beatifically back at you.

As you gaze at this angelic vision of you smiling back at you, notice how easy and natural it is to love this angel – and note how difficult it is not to.

Now deftly jump in through the back of your angelic head and situate yourself within, so that you’re feeling yourself as the angel smiling back at your human form, loving it with all your angelic heart. Now deftly jump back into your human form and feel that angelic love coming at you – absorb it and let it warm every cell in your body.

Then draw your angel back around you, merge, be the angel and carry on as you were.

Hello Angel Pt VI

So you are the angel. And so is everyone else. Fallen angels everywhere as far as the eye can see. And the time has come to rise up to the angelic state, hence why the recent exponential spread of interest and focus on self-development and spiritual practice.

We’re being required to adopt the mantle and assume the angelic identity.

It’s not compulsory of course. We can stay in the fallen state and wallow about in sensory enslavement to our hearts’ content. But to survive this transition, we need to vibrate at a higher frequency. We need to become less dense, and channel, express and transmit more of the light instead.

This doesn’t have to be specific. It doesn’t have to be used for any purpose. It merely needs to be activated so it shines, and in its shining all the rest will take care of itself. And wherever you do roam, a trail of miracles will be trotting along in your wake. Give yourself a moment in the angelic realm.

Visualize your wings spreading out huge from your shoulder blades, feel the love in your heart and visualize yourself lift off and fly high in the sky above the earth. Feel the exhilaration.

See in the distance what looks like the festival of all angels and fly there. See yourself absorbed in the angelic throng, shaking that angelic booty and doing whatever angels do at festivals, and feel the elation pumping through your system, before returning yourself to the human realm (still as an angel, mind) and settling back into the world of the world.

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