Holy Grail

Holy Grail

Talking about feeling alright all the time, the holy grail, unattainable no matter how much work you do on yourself...unless you agree with yourself to feel alright about not feeling alright too, I feel a need to unearth this gem so it may shine its light a tad more for you, as it's possibly the most important thing there is to know – along with all the other most important things.

The only way to feel alright about not feeling alright is to desist from identifying with that aspect of your mental processing that chooses to not feel alright. The one that doesn't feel alright is not actually the same as the one who agrees to feel alright all the time even about not feeling alright.

They each live in different parts of your psycho-anatomy.

The one who suffers lives in the front of you.

It doesn't actually exist though it damn well feels like it does when its in pain and that's who you think you are.

That front-based aspect of self is a construct created by you lovingly, painstakingly, dance-move by dance-move in front of a mirror – a living, breathing art-form, a work ever in progress - and rather than poo-poo that consider it testament to your remarkable creative skills – so great are they you've even managed to fool yourself (most of the time).

Suffering in itself is a stance and is only able to be perceived as suffering on account of an attachment to the physical feeling alright all the time, as in suffer-free.

Sitting in your back instead of your front – backed firmly into your inner sanctum whence derives the real power that generates your energy and capacity for abiding – you instantaneously realise yourself as the extra-dimensional being you really are – the Tao momentarily passing through the physical experience through the agency of your body and mind – and as the Tao you're beyond preferences for this over that, even for comfort over pain, even for alright over not-alright.

So that when discomfort occurs you can accommodate it and the aspect of you that interprets it as suffering without identifying with it – without it spoiling your delight in simply existing and being able to bear witness to the experience.

But this is truly not just a good idea worthy of a moment's consideration and then discarded – this is the holy grail.

However there is only way to unlock it – daily, many-time-daily, disciplined focus – pushing back into your kidneys, pushing back into shoulder blades, pushing your mind back against the inside of the rear of the skull, and watching the show from back there with the heart open in the front and the body relaxed and at ease and desisting from grasping forwards at either anxiety or excitement, you're able to bear witness to your life going on without being wobbled off your balance by it.

And that's when you're able to feel alright even about not feeling alright.

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