If you’ve ever wondered what FFFFFFF stands for…


If you've ever wondered what FFFFFFF stands for...

Myself though I honor the collective habit for sticking significance to certain days even though they have no real intrinsic significance beyond some Roman emperor way back in time arbitrarily designating significance to them, I must qualify that, by saying for me the reset click in the annual wheel starts on the new moon in September after which Sirius starts appearing in the south-western skies. It's a throw-back to some of the ancient-days incarnations I seem to recall enjoying.

Nonetheless any excuse to honor the fresh and new is good with me

And that isn't because I don't value the old and what's gone before. To the contrary, I do all I can on a daily basis to remember to value all that's led us to this moment. My experience of such daily practice, which actually comprises the capstone on the pyramid of the qigongo/neigongo routine, is that only by fully appreciating what's been can I/we fully avail myself of the bounty of what's to come.

To wit, allow me to regale you with the nuts of the technique to help you align yourself with the higher frequencies that'll bring you all the good coming your way in 2019.

Incidentally for what it's worth, numerologically speaking 2+0+1+9=12, 1+2=3, and 3 signifies progress or development of a theme already begun, implying whatever you've been setting in motion or making fast during 2018 will likely flower for you in 2019.

Now picture if you will, you poised in the present moment between all that's been before and all that's to come – behind you all the infinite factors comprising each moment since your conception until now, before you the great unknown – behind you all your ancestors since even before the days of giants, urging you on, flanked on each side by an infinite host of invisible allies, angelic beings all; before you the open arena of pure potential afforded you by the agency of destiny.

Indulge the sense of being supported and protected thus as you face the glorious unknown.

Access the sense of anticipation and excitement for being about to self-propel into the new.

Formulate a clear intention for the mode in which you wish to experience the ride ahead – with innate jolliness, respectfulness, courageousness, outrageousness, creativity, lightheartedness and/or so on, for instance.

Discern your soul's true intention for the sorts of outcomes you wish for – ongoing exponential increase of inbound money, harmony in your friendships, partnerships, and family set-ups, being well and strong, progressing with all your endeavours, ever-increasing freedom of expression, movement, travel and so on, and so on and so on, for instance.

Combine all of this into some sort of impromptu image, a motif, a symbol, and place the symbol just behind the middle of your breastbone, as a beacon, a message to destiny.

And now comes the magic trick, the activator.

Instead of habitually zooming forwards to meet your destiny, let yourself zoom backwards instead – backwards through inner space as if flying backwards to the start of time and space itself.

And notice as you speed-reverse so, your movement is creating a vacuum in the wake, into which is naturally, spontaneously being drawn the very essence, the seed of everything carried in your intention, in the symbol lodged behind your breastbone.

Feel yourself in receipt of the seeds of your new good, and rather than debate with yourself about its feasibility, veracity or validity, simply agree to it all.

That's you set up for 2019 and all you need do now is let go and have fun. Have fun following the impulses that arise in response to destiny beckoning you this way and that. Because whatever your intention, the sole purpose of your being here is to enjoy it – on behalf of the Tao informing and expressing itself as you, on behalf of all who have been, are here and will be, throughout time and space.

And the more you let yourself go and allow yourself to enjoy it, by the law of mirrors, 'it', life/destiny/Tao, will give you more and more reason to enjoy it as you go along.