Influence in the world around you


Influence in the world around you

I have an aversion to cliches – call me pedantic but I find mindlessly copying other people is an abnegation of our individual responsibilities to contribute original input to the collective mix.

Creativity is obviously inspired and influenced by the combined original contributions of others I know that, but to simply ape seems self-diminishing to me, or at least lazy.

I could give you a list of cliches that give me the cringe or stick in my ear – going forwards, reaching out, does what it says on the tin, at the end of the dayto name but a very few, but the one that's up for examination today is baby steps.

And like all cliches the reason is that it's based on a false assumption. Just like every day is totally different, let alone every second, so to assume a commonality is ignoring the evolutionary thrust of existence, or how going forwards implies we're moving along a road from one point to another, whereas in fact we're zooming in laege circle around the sun on a sphere, hence there are no straight lines involved, or how reaching out implies being an isolated entity connecting with another isolated entity, whereas in fact we're each a complex mass of interconnected symbiotic entities (microbes etc) and are all connected as a single complex organism in the same way, babies don't walk, they crawl. Toddlers walk. Babies crawl.

However that doesn't preclude the wisdom of taking one small step at a time rather than attempting to bypass all the requisite phases of any given endeavour.

Similarly when faced with an apparent multitasking challenge, being aware you're actually doing one thing after another in quick succession.

And hence not to waste one precious nanosecond of this unparalleled gift of existence, without which no other lesser gift is possible to experience, by going mindless at any given moment, but to honor each moment with full cognitive awareness and appreciation.

Having said which I realise I actually appreciate cliches because the very act of unpicking them serves as such a revelatory device – revealing whats actually happening as opposed to the stort of what;s happening we're more customarily held in thrall to.

I don't know if you found that helpful, provocative, evocative, inspiring or interesting but I hope you did, because at the end of the day, it was proffered as a way of reaching out, so that going forwards we might all be encouraged to take baby steps in order that we may experience life doing what it says on the tin.

Before I go, visualise a streak of solid gold light running all the way up your spinal cord. Picture the light radiating outwards from the spinal cord until it suffuses every cell of your body and every particle of every thought, until it suffuses every atom comprising your sphere of activity and influence in the world around you. Then stand easy