Is of the All and All of the Is

The Is of the All and the All of the Is

In stating the profoundly-obvious/obviously profound, the danger is in devaluing its significance – it degenerates into a mere phrase, which if it strikes a chord may go on to become a full-blown cliché – but I can't resist the ‘power of Tao’ – both as phrase and concept.

This microscopic wee cutie, this Is of the All and All of the Is, is such an inveterate shapeshifter it can sit in the nucleus of an atom, it can even ride on the backs of neutrinos and quarks, yet in doing so it simultaneously informs and encompasses the entire infinite universe – if indeed infinity can be thought of as an entirety/entity.

And it's this same Tao, this same Is of the All and All of the Is in every cell and molecule of your body, at the nucleus of every atom comprising this shape and form you've come to know as you.

Now what chi is, is a description of the motile force of Tao, the power of Tao as it moves in a current that subtends the whole of reality as we perceive it – forever and ever.

Chi is an interesting quantity because it's essentially raw consciousness in motion, it responds to thought.

As you exhale now, breathe out down your right arm into your palm, and though no breath is actually moving along your arm, you feel a definite sensation. That's chi. You've activated the flow by focusing on it.

If you don't focus on it it remains in the latent state.

Focus on it and it grows as a force capable of healing sickness and defending against brigands.

That's obviously what Qigongo, Superhealing and all the rest are all about so no need to go deeper into that now.

But what is worth going into albeit briefly, as it will undoubtedly enhance the quality of experience is as follows.

In respect of colluding with the Tao in manifesting the results you want as you go along, rather than leaving the manifesting to the haphazard drives of the id, relax and think of what you want, what you really, really want, not what you think you should want or would look like a nice person wanting, but what you really, really want.

See how by getting it you'll be better able to somehow directly or indirectly help make the world a better experience for everyone (if you can't see it, it means what you want isn't really what you want and therefore isn't congruent with the Great Way).

As if looking at a scene on a stage a few feet in front of you, see yourself with it having manifested for you looking rather proud and delighted, beaming goodness to the world.

Holding that vision, now inhale and gather all the chi in your lower abdominal area into a ball – a rich golden ball of light, spinning at the speed of light in a clockwise direction.

As you exhale, draw a stream of golden light from the spinning ball up into your chest, and as if you have an opening in the middle of your breastbone, project the stream towards the scene in front of you. Keep breathing and doing that and the scene becomes increasingly infused with this golden light until it's so bright it vanishes the scene altogether...except for one tiny holographic pinhead with your smiling face on it.

Take the pinhead and place it behind your breastbone for safekeeping and carry on as you were.

Transformative flux will follow, so stand sturdy.

And on a more micro-level use this to determine how the day will go, or the night and have fun experimenting with it. Remember the result doesn't matter – results are just results and there'll always be more where they came from – what matters is loving the game, the dance with the Tao you're doing.

Because from there all success stems.

The trigger to activate the inbound flow is you being generous to someone – no matter whom, and in whichever way presents – even if it’s just in your thoughts about them.

Meanwhile contemplate the power of Tao, honor the Is of the All and All of the Is and Is of the All and All of the Is will honor you back.

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