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Assume the world is your nemesis, out to get you, and it will behave that way.

Conversely, assume the world is your beloved friend whose sole raison d'etre is to provide for all your needs and comforts and it will behave that way instead.

See the soul in everyone, see the soul in everything, however apparently inanimate, converse with the soul in everyone and everything, from the soul in you, and you set the magic alight.

Say for instance you fancy a fresh pot of money – most people do – picture the pot, picture the money, then see the soul in the pot, and the soul in the money, and from the soul of you, say (unto them), “Come hither my friends', and hither will they come.

Or say you fancy a new romance to pass the time, picture the set-up (don't picture the person, or imagined person as that limits destiny's reach and scope), picture the atmosphere of romance and now see the soul informing romance, Dianna the goddess of love or whatever – and from the soul in you, say, “Come hither”, and hither will it come, bringing you the romance your heart desires.

Or say you want a quantum increase of health and vitality, picture the healing, revitalizing process, see the soul informing it, and from the soul in you tell it to come hither and hither will it come, bringing you the healing and revitalizing you need.

Or on a slightly different tip, say you fancy forecasting the weather, speak to the sky itself, to the soul of the sky, and from the soul of you, ask what it’s intending to do over the following days, then be still and it will tell you precisely, better than the meteorological office.

This way is known as animism – the anima/animus means the soul – seeing the soul in everything and everyone – it's common to the Taoists and Native Americans, both of whom originated in what is now China. I learned it both from my training in Taoism, and from 4 years spent living with the Native Americans. It’s hard to say what’s changed and progressed my life most, as there have been so many triggers over the decades, but this 'skill' is certainly up there on the top rung.

See the soul, the Tao everywhere, in you, around you, in others, around others, until you clearly see there is nothing that isn't Tao, hence nothing you can't converse with, soul-to-soul. Once you gain the allegiance of everyone and everything in this manner, everyone and everything naturally wants to support you.

And you don't have to stop at that – assume the presence of a host of invisible angel-like entities, infinite in number, surrounding you in inner space, all of them dedicated to supporting you.

And then open your heart wide to receive because by reading and following all this, you have now instigated a fresh manifesting case and will soon be recipient to such a slew of blessings you'll hardly know where to store them all.

Now that's magic.

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