Welcome to the Last Longo Qigongo training

It’s lovely you’re here. Here’s how to get the best from Last Longo Qigongo – I always hesitate to prescribe a ‘right’ way to do a training because each of us has our own style and pace of learning – and this even varies from day to day and hour to hour according to ever-changing context, mood and requirements – and I don’t want to limit your enjoyment or how effectively you learn by suggesting a way that runs counter your own intuitive style.

However as a broad-based guideline I suggest as follows {shortly} – and bear with me, making all these trainings and writing all those books over the decades has rendered me somewhat unable to put myself in the shoes of the ‘student’, one of my failings – however when I was in my own intensive intake phase in my early twenties I’d simply devour all relevant data even if it gave me indigestion, so I tend to think you’ll be similar.

Another failing is an inevitable occurrence of blind spots during the filming process, simply because to be showing it you I have to be actually doing it, and by its very nature doing this deep meditative procedure makes it tricky conversing in linear fashion at the same time. When in the throes of the actual practice I’m so deep it’s as if I’m talking from a million miles back.

Hence why I see this training in particular as one to evoke/provoke questions – its inevitable with something this subtle no matter how assiduously linear the teacher waxes – and as I say my linear factor isn’t that high – far more lateral plane, which is fundamental to Taoist practice and philosophy anyway – for instance when addressing destiny and your relationship to it, there’s far more I can say if you ask me questions – but knowing where to stop without making it top-heavy was tricky and I may have erred on the side of oversimplification – hence my heartfelt invitation to you to ask questions.

Another glaring example of oversight I’ve realized is in discussing the past and being appreciative of your back-story till now, because that’s what got you here, I omitted to share the hugely important extension of that: showing appreciation for the story of the whole cosmos till now, because without that your own story would have had no arena in which to occur.

That said, watch a video each day –I advise not doing more, even though I know I would if I was doing it, as it tends to take longer the more you rush it – so if you just do the one exercise a day, but really do it- in the sense of watch it, the follow it, then do it without watching it, then briefly check it more or less tallies with the video, then practice it again on your own at least once later in the day.

Then each day learn the new move, and once you have practice the ones leading up to it till you really have learnt the entire thing by day 14 and can do it right through start to end.

Refresh by coming back to do it again in couple of months.

Once you’ve got it and feel it’s yours, tag it onto the end of your daily qigongo practice or whatever practice you do. And do it while standing in line at airports or anywhere else, waiting in traffic, watching TV, and pretty much whatever you’re doing as much of the time as you can.

At first expect nothing much.

But very soon things start changing of themselves – it takes a while though so be patient – and be alert to what’s occurring within.

The real move is the backwards motion inside the skin.

If you find the explanation in the video doesn’t quite get you there tell me and I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen for you.

So as for results and what to expect – this again is hugely variable and to make universal pronouncements crude at best, however assuming you manage the training OK, and do it fairly properly as taught, within 90 days your spirit body will be evident.

However, the mundane self will still fight to remain in control as that’s all it knows so expect a year or so until it acquiesces and allows the back-brain consciousness to take over.

So saying your whole life will feel different 90 days hence – it would anyway obviously but this is you guiding the change.

School For Warriors teaches this same system from a totally different angle and is highly useful as an adjunct if you’ve not done it but these qigong trainings are where I’m at now and it’s a good place to be, so tell me if there’s anything I can do to expedite your swift arrival to join me here.

With love, Barefoot Doctor from a boat on the high seas riding the swell.

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