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For now, do this and experience the sensation. Picture you’ve just downloaded direct to the body the fabled ‘listen-behind-you’ plugin, which enables you to appreciate a full 360 degree sonic panorama. Spend a moment listening behind you. Feel the sensation of expansion occurring in the extra-dimensional height, breadth, and depth of your inner presence. Acknowledge that despite the well-woven web of distractions to the contrary, this extra-dimensional being is who or what you really are.

Then forget we ever mentioned it and carry on as you were.

That’s a pure on-the-spot Taoist reality-reframe.

Meanwhile, work continues a-pace here preparing all the pages with all the sound products and the trainings organised rationally, very soon will normal service be resumed.

There will be more on the spot interaction here too so by and by stop by from time to time and watch the development happening.

More news to follow…