Let the quantum jump occur


Let the quantum jump occur

Though not an astrologer, I've been a keen observer for decades now of the astrological meta-movements that affect us all psychically, similarly to how big weather events affect us closer to the ground.

I've a special fascination for Mercury retrograde phases for example.

Yet until now I've never really noticed much when Venus went retrograde. I always felt it was a bit too subtle and esoteric to be concerned about.

But these past six weeks of Venus retrograde have generated such a palpable disheveling/upending effect in the world, I'll never treat Venus as a lightweight again.

I've enjoyed it – don't get me wrong – I”m not one to let the effects of a bit of unusual interplanetary motion detract from my innate delight in simply being here.

By the same token I'm also enjoying the notion – and motion – of it going direct any time now.

I wonder if like me, it's left you mindful of the need to be nimble-footed, nimble-minded, alert to the signals, ready and willing to be nudged and shunted into position at all times and not be perturbed too much by inevitable occasional disorientation.

To the contrary to love it, knowing that right after disorientation comes a new, deeper orientation.

Orientation, incidentally, literally means aligning or referencing to the east.

Because it's in an eastwardly direction we're traveling around the sun, facing east means we're facing the direction of travel.

So for a better class of ride, start reorienting to the flow by getting your body to face east for a moment – sitting, walking, running, crouching, jumping, rock-climbing or standing still, doesn't matter which.

Now soften your breathing – stop holding your breath in anticipation of something yet to come and breathe freely in appreciation of what's already here – i.e. you, your body, the world around you and all the people and other sentient beings who sail in her with you.

Relax and mentally broaden your breastbone and feel the beauty of your soul radiate from your heart – freely, generously.

Lean back inside like a racing driver leaning all the way back in the seat in order to gain a more panoramic view of the track as well as the instruments and dials.

Lean your mind back against the headrest at the back of your skull and look out at the world from there – your eyes merely the windows in the front.

Feel the weight of your body gathered in the back of you.

Notice the usual noise in the forebrain of internal dialogue: all the debating and conflicting drives seeking resolution, along with the anxiety or excitement you generate in the belly and chest in reaction to it – all that human-drama noise has miraculously subsided.

And that's because you're now in meditation state – you are being mindful – cognitively laying claim to your field of experience.

Now discern the true broad-based intention of your soul for you and all who accompany you – for example, for life to proceed and all situations to resolve themselves with supreme elegance now, and to do so by a series of spontaneously occurring, hence beautifully surprising instances of pure serendipity, advantageous to you and everyone involved with you, leaving you in startled appreciation of the beneficence of the adventure-provider/facilitator – Tao, the great way, for want of a better expression.

Agree with yourself about your intention.

Waste not a second trying to believe it – merely agree with it as a proposition, and reenter everyday mode ready to enjoy it.

That's one way to negotiate the inevitable moment-by-moment upheavals of any size or sort and keep returning to the level state with the minimum of wasted time and effort.

Meanwhile keep your vibration high – don't succumb to the pull of low-vibration activity all about – doing the above will help – and let the quantum jump occur.