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Letting things work out

When you relax they tend to work out even better. The Tao, the interconnecting supra-intelligent pattern informing the physical dimension from the metaphysical dimension, is able to operate more freely through you and through the energy field in which your life unfolds, when you relax. When you tense up with worry, anxiety or self-doubt, the energy pathways in your body and the energy pathways running through your life, become constricted and obstructed, and the Tao, or it’s active constituent, chi, is unable to flow freely, and the effect shows up as blockages and delays in your affairs. The key to release lies simply in relaxing your muscles and breathing slowly, and in that state being actively willing to trust things to work out. However this doesn’t imply being lazy or irresponsible any more than relaxing implies collapsing. Remain alert. Do what you have to do. But desist from wasting energy, mind-space and time fearing outcomes you don’t want, for fearing them means you’re visualizing them and visualizing something initiates the process of manifesting it. Instead visualize what you actually want – the outcome you intend to achieve - and that’s what you’ll manifest.

This is all about gradually developing innate trust in the Tao being benign and clued in enough on your behalf to produce the perfect conditions every time to facilitate your highest good at every turn. And that’s all about gradually trusting your own subconscious mind to serve efficiently as an access point to the Tao.

Taoists along with yogis and holy people of all traditions have been practicing this for millennia and none of them has ever reported it to be bogus. To the contrary, sages through the ages have been banging on about this is one form or another since people first stated communicating. And why? Because it’s the key to enlightenment and peace of mind.

Wish: you come face to face with the Tao Of You today and wonder all at once how you could have ever doubted that life would work out and in so wondering notice everything has worked out perfectly today.

© Stephen Russell

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