Listen to a sample of A M P E D 1


Listen to a sample of AMPED Volume 1 here complete with the visualization

Episode 1 Change the story about people

The antidote to the living in fear story is the story of seeing Tao in everyone, and the Tao and everyone it shows up as, is your closest friend, hence that you’re now loving everyone and everything by loving the Tao informing it. Listen to a sample below.

Episode 2 Change the story about the world

If you see the devil in the details, the details will be challenging to you. When you see the Tao in the details, the Tao sees you – and in the air of that mutual recognition everything rolls smoothly instead.
Listen to a sample below.

Episode 3 Change the story about yourself

As the main player in your story, and the central pillar of the plot, change the story about what and who you are, your worth and deservedness levels, and you spontaneously change the way the world sees and treats you. It’s all totally plastic, malleable and susceptible to your intervention.
Listen to a sample below.

Episode 4 Change the story about money

The innate fear of money, or more precisely of no money, is instantly cancelled out by seeing the Tao in the flow of money and loving it.
Listen to a sample below.

Episode 5 Change the story about love

Change the story that love makes you suffer, to one in which love is easy like falling off a log, and that’s how it’ll show up for you.
Listen to a sample below.

Episode 6 Change the story about life, death and the universe

The fear behind all fears is the fear of dying. And while there are many who boldly, perhaps brashly declare their disdain towards the issue and emphatically deny having any fear about dying, I still say they’re scared really. Because everybody is to varying degrees, and at different times.
Listen to a sample below.



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