Looking Shipshape


Looking Shipshape

Getting things done when there's a lot of things to get done and doing it all well, giving it your best because you know you don't like the feeling of giving it your mediocre, and not stressing yourself out of shape in the process is a challenge we all regularly face.

And we each have own various more or less successful ways of approaching it depending on context, season, time and mood. And we each have our various blind-spots, obfuscatory and procrastinatory devices, avoidance techniques and excuse patterns.

And though ultimately it doesn't matter what we do or don't get done by the time we die, and indeed if given to regret, at that point might regret having made such a fuss about getting everything done when we could have been spending more time simply enjoying the ride regardless of how disorderly things became at the time as a result, we are nonetheless quite addicted to the sense of fleeting satisfaction gained from momentarily completing the task-load at hand. And we all delude ourselves into imagining once all items are crossed off the list that'll be it.

But just as that Cartesian-style either-or way of looking at things holds no water in any other aspects of the human adventure, because everything is relative and invariably comprised of both this and that, rather than this or that, it doesn't hold water with regards the issue of getting things done.

Attaining to a comfortable fluid balance between driving yourself like a slave and indulging yourself into a state of apathy, while not ideal, but nothing is, will require far less energy and hence promote greater health, comfort and peace of body and mind.

The Taoist approach is not only economical in terms of energy and time expended (on thinking about doing it all as well as actually doing it all), efficient in terms of being able to focus and think clearly, effective in terms of achieving desirable results, enjoyable in terms of feeling like a child at play as you go about your business, it also grants the greatest sense of satisfaction – the endorphin drug we're looking to score in getting everything done and life looking shipshape.

As with everything else the Taoist approach reverses the processes and starts in the obvious place – granting the desired state of satisfaction.

Satisfaction, just like any other sensation, is not dependent on any external factor whatsoever, we just think it is.

Satisfaction is the natural state when we're not running dissatisfaction interference on it. In other words, left to your own devices before anyone taught you to feel dissatisfied by showing their own dissatisfaction with you at certain key formative moments, you would be feeling satisfied all the time.

You would feel satisfied all the time regardless of how much you were achieving for the simple yet profoundly unparalleled fact you're alive. You're alive with an entire universe's worth of information to feed you every single moment so how could you be otherwise.

Only when you forget (you're alive) and hence have lost perspective and are lost in the realm of appearances, apparitions that give the impression they have the power to satisfy you but never deliver more than fleetingly.

To acquire the method I respectfully refer you to pretty much everything available on the site – see them here – especially right now until Tuesday night LA time, because if there's any training you feel you need aside from A M P E D which isn't included in this, all you have to do is email support@barefootdoctorworld.com explaining why and you can have it/them for whatever you can honestly afford.

But for now and anyway keep repeating, 'I'm alive' over and over, and over and over...and over and over, till it becomes the very patina of the woodwork of your mind, then check how you feel in about 6 hours time.

And if it's not 'fully satisfied, thankyou very much, and I've managed to get loads done without trying too', I'll eat my shoes.

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