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Manifesting what you need through love


Love is the prime force of existence. They say God is love but in actual fact, it’s the other way round. Even the ineffable presence is just an expression of love. That’s why the ancient Taoists said the Tao (another word for love) is ineffable.


Words are only words, but tune into the love that caused the universe into being and that triggered you into being and you know yourself as God (in human form). For you are nothing short of being a divine being.


The only thing that prevents you knowing yourself as such is your own self-limiting belief system, based on the story you’re telling yourself about life and your place in it. You are love. You are here to channel love. Your function is to take love in, mix it with more love of your own – your unique essence – and then transmit that to the world as a gift.


This doesn’t have to imply grandiose gestures or mindsets. To the contrary, channelling love is a humble mode. You are here as a channel. You serve by channelling. That’s a humble position. Rather than looking at a situation for what it can offer you, look to it as an opportunity to serve – ask love, ‘how can I best receive and transmit you here, how can I best serve you?’ and it will show you how.

Doing so, you save yourself loads of wasted energy worrying how well or badly you’ll do in life, and find yourself transforming external conditions for the better without even trying. For as soon as you let love guide you, you enter the quantum realm where miracles abound and the current transports you to your highest good without you having to break a sweat.

© Stephen Russell 2014

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