More fun than succumbing to the stupor

More fun than succumbing to the stupor

The cancer of stupidity, this rapidly burgeoning collective stupor that has the world transfixed by tweets, while all the while still discreetly, though not for long, sea levels inexorably rise due to exponentially accelerating polar ice-melt, on account of global warming – pardon me, how rude, heaven forbid I offend anyone using the politically incorrect phrase for it, I mean climate change, the dare-I-say warming effects of which also portend acceleration of infectious disease-spread, mass migration acceleration and increasingly severe weather events, while unbridled fracking adds to seismic activity and the tectonic turbulence bringing us this unprecedented rash of earthquakes all around the planet - this rapidly spreading cancer of stupidity, I propose is our morphine, our pain-distraction drug, one strong enough for a headline a couple of weeks or so back – Kanye West goes silent when asked in a CBS interview whether he thinks Trump cares about people.

Seriously, that was a headline, globally. That's what we've come to, this remarkable species that can create computers, internets and complex financial transaction systems, and fly remote-control cameras into outer space, that can produce literary geniuses like Shakespeare or Henry Miller, build pyramids and life-systems like Taoism, now transfixed by what essentially is a vocalist having no words when asked a question.

Being compassionate, I'm the last to suggest stop taking the drugs, shrug off this trance of stupidity and stop avoiding the inevitable, but from that same compassion I wonder if I might suggest waking up and appreciating this ineffable marvel of existence in human form while we still have time – and believe me short of a miracle of a scale never before witnessed we truly have relatively very little of it left before the place is ruled by rats and cockroaches and whatever else is ugly and durable enough to withstand a mass extinction scenario on the scale of the one we're now in.

And yes that's why A M P E D Volume 2 – to give you the power to think for yourself and create the reality you want instead of being hoodwinked into anymore of this collective stupidity threatening to overcome whatever shreds of intelligence we have left – and to give you the power of the magician – because at least that way, if enough of us exercise it, not just to manifest the money, the love, the success, or even the health, but to co-manifest the unprecedented miracle we need now, we may stand a bit of a chance.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not deluded enough to say A M P E D VOLUME TWO will save the world, but it may and probably will save you.

Heard it here first.

Be part of the wake-up call – it'll be more fun than succumbing to the stupor.