Much Such Magic

Much Such Magic

Having the pleasure over the seasonal break to pass by Jag Skills' hideout for a couple of days on my way between various islands, and disport myself in the luxury of his extreme rural redoubt where the stream runs past, above hawks hover on the wing, and his seven year old, most remarkable son Maximus was early one morning intently attempting in vain to get his new Spiderman bright-blue-gloop web-building gel to squirt its load for being clogged with congealed bright blue web-building gloop. Flattered to be asked to help, and for want of any handier tool, I suggested we try an acupuncture needle.

And as we sat there both hunched over intently concentrating on this daft but clever toy, which we both knew he'd bore of anyway after two or three healthy squirts, which of course he subsequently did, in my habitual fashion I led the conversation away from the details of how hard and which angle to poke from and so on, to context: I pointed out people have been doing this ever since humans began.

One fixated on the task while the other/s sat with fixating them, and that pretty much every important discovery or invention would have occurred like that, not as a solo endeavour but as the result of some loose-knit form or other of collaboration.

In other words, none of us exists as a bubble. We are all interdependent.

And the more of us who acknowledge and honor that, the more we honor the intrinsic connectedness of all humanity, the faster we'll tip the balance atmosphere back to one of cooperation rather than contention.

And even though he was no longer paying any attention as he merrily squirted his blue gloop all about willie-nilly as if the world depended on it at that moment, I went on to suggest it made sense as a stratagem from a personal point of view too. Because the more you/he/I hold the entirety of humanity in our heart as one organism, albeit a highly complex one, the more humanity at large honors us as individuals in return.

And it's a lot easier to do with an open heart.

To wit, take a brief moment now, if you will, to sit right back inside with your mind pressing back into the section of the rear wall of the skull, imagine an opening in the middle of your breastbone through which you're breathing slowly in and out. And as you do you'll feel it almost instantly fan the flame of love in your heart. You'll feel it physically.

As you do, contemplate our collective connectedness and issue forth the beauty in your heart for the benefit of all.

When you've done, relax, let go, and ready yourself to bear witness to the slew of fine surprises this will inevitably elicit in your dealings with others over the ensuing days and weeks.