Neigongo cont'd


Bonus 1 - Meditation audio pills

SFW1 bonus ride the swing
SFW1 bonus stroll
SFW 1 bonus dub surprise
SFW1 bonus superjoy meditation
SFW1 bonus Stillness At The Heart Of The

Bonus 2- five chi exercises

Chi Exercise-1: Access Your Higher Self
Higher Self Chi exercise to help you access, develop, harness, and focus your chi.

Chi Exercise-2: Projecting, Energizing, and Activating Your New Reality
 “Three minute” Projecting Chi exercise… Learn How You Can Super Charge Your Chi, Fuel-Inject Your Vital Energy, & Levitate Your Life Force.

Chi Exercise-3: Impregnating Your Options
 “Three minute, forty-second” Chi: Impregnating Your Options exercise… Learn How You Can Super Charge Your Chi, Fuel-Inject Your Vital Energy, & Levitate Your Life Force.

Chi Exercise-4: Pure Thought, Mental Peace

 “Three minute, forty-second” Chi: Pure Thought, Mental Peace” exercise… Learn How You Can Super Charge Your Chi, Fuel-Inject Your Vital Energy, & Levitate Your Life Force

Chi Exercise-5: Enlightened Perspective

 “Three minute, forty-second” Chi: Enlightened Perspective exercise… Learn How You Can Super Charge Your Chi, Fuel-Inject Your Vital Energy, & Levitate Your Life Force

Bonus 3 - Taoist sounds

The Taoist shi sound

The Taoist yell

Bonus 4 - big bird

Big bird 1

Big bird 2

Big bird 3

Big bird 4

Big bird 5

Bonus 5 - qigong workout

Quiggong 1

Quiggong 2

Quiggong 3

Quiggong 4

Quiggong 5

Bonus 6 - The Golden Ball

Be consistently superhumanly amazing in your daily life.

Do Barefoot Doctor’s Daily Taoist Doodahs.

Pocket-size modules of Taoist health, wealth and wisdom

These hand-selected pocket-sized packets of Barefoot Doctor’s regular daily personal Taoist training can be used as a standalone practice to activate and build your superhuman amazingness in daily life:

calmness and clarity of mind;

physical and psychological stamina and strength;

flow of life-force/chi;

the ability to perform any task better;

the capacity to enjoy and be more effective and fully engaged in all aspects of daily life, your outlook, your in-look, your looks, and your relationship to self and others.

The Daily Taoist Doodahs are life enhancing practices which take but a short while to learn and the proverbial five minutes a day to practice.

They’re are effective, fun, and tremendously powerful (EFT-P), I do them all myself and can’t recommend them highly enough.

The Doodahs will cover all areas of Taoist practice – including qigong, martial arts, meditation, medicine and self-healing, communication skills, concentration skills, magic-and-manifesting skills and so on.

And why Doodah? Why not

Every morning, no matter where I am in the world, and often I haven’t even figured that out before I begin the session, mostly outside unless it’s blowing up a storm, I (myself, personally speaking) do a 90 minute training session comprising all the qigong I’ve made trainings about, and more I haven’t yet made trainings about, plus all four boxing forms: Xing Yi, Pa Kua, Tai Chi and White Crane, along with various self-applied acupressure (often acupuncture if a needle is to hand, but don’t try this at home), self-massage for the vital organs, vocal exercises (for the voice and soul), a bit of random freestyle self-expression through voice and movement and various contemplations which I then carry with me through the day.

It may sound excessive but is an intrinsic part of both my work and my own capacity to remain live and functioning optimally on all fronts and at all levels, like a person needs to be to gain and give full value on this rare ride we find ourselves enjoying.

The various forms form natural ‘chunks’, short modules, which when slung together in any variety depending on mood and other factors, gather themselves into a serious training session.

I have no expectation for students to put in as much time as I do each day – some may put in more, (I used to a few decades back when I used to teach full time, mostly in New Mexico) but if I can successfully encourage you to or anyone to do a minimum of something each day, just enough to facilitate the exponential progress solely deriving from daily practice but which by and by confers great and essential powers.

Once activated this protocol clears the sphere of all negative, harmful, pernicious energy and potential and widens the parameters of receptivity so you attract and field a greater degree of everything you want in your life.

Three short videos introduce the Golden Ball and take you through how to focus and activate the protocol. Watch the videos, follow along, then practice on your own – ideally first thing in a morning – once you’ve got it, it’ll only take five minutes to subtly change your relationship with the external.

Golden Ball 1

Golden Ball 2

Golden Ball 3

End of training

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