Never be overcome by OMTPWOS again

Never be overcome by OMTPWOS again

You know how in ordering the various components of your human existence (I expect you've not read many if any pieces that began like that, have you), in the continual process of manifesting improvement in all areas, there will be those times when beset by the challenge of multiple tasks, some, most, or even all of which are relatively crucial to your ongoing successful negotiation of your passage along this mysterious 'Great Thoroughfare', this Tao, or path, laid out in 4D mundane reality for you, courtesy of destiny, and how these often come upon you when you're least feeling up for it, when all you really want to do is lie down and sleep or go wandering mindlessly in the hills disguised as an ostrich or whatever – well maybe you've never had quite that urge – I haven't either as it goes but never say never – are you familiar with that – not the ostrich disguise fantasy, I mean the obligatory-multiple-task-performance-when-preferring-otherwise syndrome (OMTPWOS, though I doubt it'll ever catch on as a fashionable mental health disorder)? And, assuming you did, have you ever read a sentence as complex as that – yet quite as fun (if you could be bothered to decipher it assuming you did read it)?

I ask, because you've got to talk about something – and in fact it was a rhetorical question because I know you have OMTPWOS attacks and I'm not the only one.

And I ask because should you fancy honing your OMTPWOS's (in this instance the S stands for skills not syndrome incidentally), my recent findings from the coalface may be of some help.

So here I am, or find myself, sequestered in my creative confinement in my artist's garret style (music) studio in my slightly narrow but quite tall 303 year old thick stone house on a hill by a magnificent 418 year old cathedral overlooking what looks like a sea that's been there since the glaciers melted at the end of the last ice age but in fact is entirely brand spanking new, because the sea isn't a fixed thing, it's a huge amount of water, an imponderable number of drops of water in fact, slopping about this way and that on a grand scale, and is constantly doing so, just like the details of our lives – and like our lives, no matter how much routine you enjoy, no moment is the same as the last, no moment of sea-ness is the same as the last, nor any previous – or any to come for that matter – yes, here in my old wee thick-stone house, in case you thought I'd gone off on such a tangent I'd never appear again, beset by the implausible, absurd, nigh-impossible-for-mortals, only-a-complete-lunatic-would-have-taken-this-on-in-the-first-place, challenge of completing AMPED VOLUME 2 [advanced magical power entrainment – deluxe-style] by the end of 4 days from this moment I sit typing this next letter – I. I stands for the 'I' in 'this', as in 'I can do this'.

It also not only stands for the 'I' in 'I can do this', it more or less actually is the 'I' in 'I can do this'. Though there are quantum physicists who'd say it was no more the same 'I' as it's the same sea from one moment to the next.

And while you may, possibly rightly, be wondering what the deuce am I up to talking between us like this, as if we were children at a children's birthday party being set upon to serve as volunteers by the conjuror, it did in fact provide the opportunity for your subconscious to read 'I can do this' four times while allowing yourself to feel somewhat amused and entertained.

And what that does is similar to had I said more prosaically, if you're feeling up against it and don't know how you'll get through this challenge you're facing, don't panic or crumble in any other way, and instead gird those loins and repeat six times like you mean it, because that's the minimum number of repetitions required to penetrate to the subconscious level, 'I can do this'. Say 'I can do this', and bring your full presence to bear on saying it. Then forget all about it, and though you still may be feeling resistant despite yourself you'll be wading in and before you can say ' OMTPWOS- OMTPWOS' will have it all done.”

There'd have been nothing wrong with me having done it that way, nothing at all. But it might not have had the same impact as this, because now, you've actually seen the phrase, 'I can do this', no less than seven times, which is your six plus one for luck.

And you will find that henceforth whenever beset by challenge and finding yourself resisting, these magic words will pop up as if by sheer magic, pretty much right in the center of your brain – not all loud or brash, all very small still voice within-like, but definite – definite enough for you to agree with it.

Because that is the underlying gist of it, making the agreement with yourself and then being honorable enough to adhere-without-veer to it.

If you agree to that, and to all the quasi/faux-rationale leading up to it, if you agree you can actually do it no matter what, no matter when, no matter how, then you will actually do it.

Have you ever in your entire life read anything quite like that? Be honest. I haven't. I wonder what it must feel like to be you reading it. You're most welcome to let me know. May you never be overcome by OMTPWOS again.

Have you ever in your entire life read anything quite like that?

Be honest.

I haven't.

I wonder what it must feel like to be you reading it.

You're most welcome to let me know.

May you never be overcome by OMTPWOS again.