More details about Barefoot Doctor's A New Manifesto

Whilst those or whatever it is you think you want will be a by-product, they’re not what A New Manifesto is primarily about.


This is a training in manifesting. 

More profound it’s a training in being – being you – manifesting YOU in all the limitless fullness of your unique brand of glory & magnificence.


… because once you have that back, all the rest follows.

Learn to do this by using ancient Taoist magic in the contemporary idiom – far more magical, mysterious and marvellous than any other so called manifesting training I’ve discovered in over 50 years of dedicated daily personal research and practice. 

It gives you back your missing ‘mmmmm’, that innate state of pure delight, joy and above all contentment in your heart and soul.

That was and is your birthright but you've all but lost it along the way chasing after the things of the world.

Taoist Magic – the oldest, clearest method of manifesting known to humankind.

The problem is that without a sound grounding in being and remaining fully present and thus fully appreciating, enjoying and valuing the greatest gift of all, being here, you’re automatically lost in the realm of wanting – the Buddhists call it the realm of the hungry ghosts because you’re not really here at all, merely a ghost chasing chimeras – or windmills.

Taoist magic provides the solution,


You learn how to instantaneously achieve the exact state you’ll have when your vision has eventually materialized – but NOW – and as soon as you have, everything shifts about in your life to match, mirror and support it, with almost no effort on your part whatsoever. And it works.

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